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holy **** guys,


have you tried this?




it's ******* awesome

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Very cool!

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Originally Posted by Seele01 View Post

holy **** guys,


have you tried this?




it's ******* awesome

Nice. Wish I could've been there. Also wish I had a faster computer.

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Originally Posted by StratocasterMan View Post


Thanks for that link! beerchug.gif I went to that page and then used the "Lossless zip" link on the left side of the page to download the entire Cowboy Junkies concert. The download was 470 MB. I just unzipped it, and now I've got the entire concert in FLAC. I'm listening now (through headphones) and the sound quality is great! Thanks!

Strat Man - THANKS for the props on the CJ recording...seems like a long time ago when I recorded that, but it's great that people are still enjoying it.


Thanks again...Mark

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Originally Posted by adewolf1 View Post


Thank you for sharing this link. Immediate "collateral damage" from the same source:



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"Ann Arbor Huron High School Choirs, Summer 2012 (FLAC (when downloaded))"


I wasn't sure if I should post this in this thread, because while these are not fully binaural, they are mostly binaural (I folded in a tiny bit of a particular type of two-microphone stereo, so I can't claim it as 100 percent binaural). Still, these were engineered with headphones in-mind...so...here we go (I posted a version of this in the FLAC download forum). Here we go...


These recordings feature the Ann Arbor Huron High School choirs as recorded one warm summer day back in 2012.


One thing to note - in some of the tracks, you will hear (left ear) the sound of a cicada up in one of the trees near the theater.


Here's a collection (well, part of a collection) that I recorded back in 2012. This one is mostly binaural, again, but this has a bit (just a bit) of conventional stereo folded-in. Because it's mostly binaural though, you'll want to use headphones (of course you knew that already...this is, after all, headfi...).


The tracks' volumes have been maintained to that the relative loudness, track to track, is maintained. This is why some of the files will be considerably further down from 0 dBFS (full scale) and others will be much closer to 0 dBFS. I wanted to preserve the relative dynamics of these four tracks, which is why I chose not to normalize them.


No artificial 'sweetening' has been applied to these recordings (i.e. no artificial or convolution reverb). I did employ a high-pass filter to help minimize the upward spread of masking which would have likely taken place, especially during the pianissimo portions of these tracks. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the last track ("Turn the World Around"), but I like 'em all.


Additionally, these are purely acoustic - no P.A. was employed as reinforcement for these tracks.


If you like tracks that have high dynamic range (some of these have, if I remember, somewhere around 50-60 dB dynamic range) and nice left-to-right placement as well as ambience, you'll likely enjoy these (even if a cappella is not exactly your cup of tea as a genre).


Lastly, remember, whatever you do, don't stream these; soundcloud's streaming player takes a broadsword to fidelity, so if you really want to hear everything that went into these, be sure to download them and then play those files. Trust me, it's worth it.




...and here's the link to the mp3 version:




And on that note, I recently posted another set of hybrid tracks, but these are Symphony Band recordings. These were recorded in Schreiber Auditorium and feature some pretty high dynamic range material (one of the tracks is "The Stars and Stripes Forever" and the remaining tracks are ovements from a piece written by Vincent Persichetti).






I hope you will like what you hear.



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Again...on the topic of "not fully binaural but containing binaural content..." here's a link to a post that I just put on the live recording thread:




Happy Listening.



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BBC experimental surround/binaural web browser based broadcast:

Under Milk Wood in Headphone Surround Sound - Blog - BBC R&D

BBC Radio 4 / BBC R&D - Surround Streaming Trial

BBC Radio 4 / BBC R&D - Surround Streaming Trial - FAQs

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