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Boston Acoustics VR-M60 bookshelf speakers for the main system.

Bose 201 Series IV for the secondary system.

Currently spec'ing balanced monitors for my DAW setup.
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Just got Magnepan MMGs. Best match for my K1000s .
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Yahama TSS-1B 5.1 (amp sucks for headphones, filters out the bass)
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Living room: NAD C521BEE feeding into an NAD C352, output to a pair of Klipsch RF-82s.

Bedroom: E-MU 1212m/SCD-CE595 feeding into a Denon PMA-2000IVR, output to a pair of Klipsch RB-25s

The living room rig was moved from my bedroom because of a lack of space so I have no future plans for it as I only get to listen to it a couple of times a month. For my bedroom rig, I plan on replacing my source with either a Denon 2900 or a 3910 with eventual plans for the SACDmods package, and either a pair of Von Schweikert VR-1s or Paradigm Studio Reference 40 v.3s. I was really interested in ML 'stats late last year, the Claritys in particular, but after assessing my room I really don't have enough space to make the purchase worthwhile.
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Esoteric DV50S; Valve Audio Genesis Pre-Amp; Isis 3030 Monoblocks (25wpc) {Genelex Gold Lion KT88s; Tung Sol VT231 Roundplate, RCA Redbase 5691}; JMLab Electra 907BE; Velodyne DD10 Subwoofer; ICs and Speaker Cabling > Townshend Isolda DCT; Power Cabling > Aeolian Silver Slipper and Hush Bus

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Pass X250.5 powering either Magnepan MG-IIIa or Totem Forest
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The only speakers I have are my stereo speakers and the monitors in my sig. I do not listen to music on either of them.

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See sig...
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source: denon dcd700ae cdplayer
cables to amps: VLS tripple shielded ultra ofc
amp: big onkyo beast
headphone amp: pa2v2 and stax srm252-a
speakers: Piega LDS 1.6 (I like them VERY much )
headphones and earspeakers: px200, MS-1, 125 and Stax 202
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Mine are some DIY ones also.

Dallas II rear loaded horn, using fostex fe206e. They're big, ugly, and weigh about 100lb.

A photo of one getting a test play before being glued shut, with my parents' dalis about two foot behind it for a good size comparison

Powered by firstwatt f2 clone

They still need to be finished and painted, but they're too heavy to easily move so i tend to just work on them in my listening room (naughty naught i know!), but I dont want to have wood and paint dust getting all over my new amp. And its a pain in the ass to move the amp while its still in several pieces like that. and i'm too broke to finish the amp

so it'll be a while.

my folks use Original A8s (CDP), onkyo amp and dali speakers. I use modded lite dacah, firstwatt, dallas

edit: inside photo for the curious. not mine
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Merlin TSM-MMe speakers (latest lead free model)
Osiris stands filled with silica sand & lead shot
REL Storm III Subwoofer
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Arcam CD33T -> Plinius 8100 -> Meadowlark Audio Shearwater Hot Rods, strung together with Analysis Plus cabling.

I haven't really changed a thing since 2003 (and that was to switch in the Arcam in place of a tubed CD player that I burned out - long story), although I did manage to listen to a pair of Vienna Acoustics' Strauss about two months ago. Beautifully crafted, but way too much speaker for my small living room...

It's really a shame that Meadowlark went out of business too...
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JMLab Micro Utopias, Velodyne HGS-18 sub.
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Paradigm Reference Active 20's and Rocket UFW-10 Subwoofer.
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Paradigm Titan v4, and I'm looking at some 7SE MKII. Go Canadian speakers!
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