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We know your headphones... but what about your speakers?

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What's everyone's speaker setup?

Personally I use my dad's system, which consists of Tannoy Sterling SE, Quad 606 pre-amp, amp and CD player.
He bought it 10 or so years ago and lugged it around across three countries.

Maybe I'll add pics later.
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Vintage Altecs!
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Panasonic SA-HE200
JBL E20, E50 and E250P. Working on a center channel but can't use it yet.

(Space reserved for pics when I get some speaker stands)
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Swans M200s. I'm eventually going to get a T-amp (the $40 one) and some decent speakers for $300 or $400. For now, they're just fine.
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Main System: 4 NHT SB2s, 1 NHT SC1, Outlaw LFM-1 Sub

Home Office: Logitech z-680 5.1 for games and movies.. A pair of Pinnacle PN5+ for music

Bedroom: Insignia NS-B2111

Kitchen: Radio Shack Presidians

Sunroom: Insignia Outdoor speakers
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Blue Sky International 2.1 speakers; they are sooooo good for the price.
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a pair of bookshelf Wharfedale Crystals, to some audioquest cable to my Marantz 2226. gets the job done, suprisingly kicky in the bass for bookshelves.
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I use my dad's too occassional. Monitor Audio RS8 + Cyrus 8vs + some NAD CD player. There also another one in the living, Wharfedale Pacific Evo-30 with a Pioneer VSX series AV receiver and a vintage Marantz special edition CD player.

Then of course theres my crappy room setup
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My speaker/amp setup are twice my age, and sound surprisingly good for the LOW,LOW price of $150USD!

Dynaco A-25 bookshelves -> 14GA copper Ultralink cables -> Kenwood KA-3500 integrated.
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Right now I am have a pair of Boston Acoustics CR 75 bookshelf speakers with a Sony sub.Looking to upgrade to floorstanders soon.Thinking about Athena or Axiom,Best bang for the buck IMO.
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lol you can see my speaker rig grow up if you search my older posts/pics on here...anyway look at my sig..or search me for pics, i put a few up here
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Nakamichi TA-4A (STASSIS topology licensed from Threshold) >> Monster M-1 with Exterminator locking bananas >> B&W DM1800 with sand filled B&W stands and spikes.
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Main/Computer/HT setup:

5x Infinity Primus 360 tower speakers
2x Athena P3 subwoofers
1x Panasonic SA-XR57
Lots of wire
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Focal/JMLab Electra 926's and SW900 sub
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I went DIY for my speakers, as well. I use:

1. Verhagen Ribbons, built from the plans in his books. They cut off a bit below 350Hz, but are flat above that. I've had them almost four years, and they continue to impress. They were the first "real" hi-fi gear I had. Total cost to build was around $300. If you're interested in ribbons, I cannot recommend them highly enough. They have a freaky ability to reproduce voices; I've accidentally left them on and come back thinking there were people in the house when it was just the radio. Creepy, but it's the closest to live I've heard.

2. Cloned ProAc 2.5 Response speakers. Great bass and great across the board. I used the optional notch filter and these are very well balanced and have a wonderful soundstage. Total cost was around $1,000 and they were relatively easy to build, but took a lot of time to get everything right.

3. Moth Audio Cicada singledrivers. Great imaging and an uncanny lifelike presence. The drivers are still available for $119 each over at Eddie Current, and I think they're a steal. Plans are there too, and I spend about $300 on them.

I'm not sure where I'll go next. I might try my hand at restoring a pair of Quad ESL-57s. I've always liked those, and an electrostat would make a nice addition to the collection.
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