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i saw someone wearing a bose headphone in starbucks a while ago; i said to myself and my girlfriend, "damn, his money was wasted when he bought that! he could have gotten something better at that price. in my forum (head-fi), bose products do not get much love!"
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Originally Posted by Killercrush View Post
WHAT A SHAME ! Take a look at this eBay auction description for a pair of Grado SR60 (BTW he has a lot of them a low prices):

Grado SR60 Headphones in AS NEW / never used Condition. These headphones were OEM equipment in my companies new Corporate Aircraft. We replaced all 13 pairs with BOSE Quiet Comfort Headphones, they were never used. The headphones come with a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter. If you are viewing this ad, you know their reputation as being the best headphones under $150.00.

I just can't stand that they actually replaced the Grados with the QCs.

Please, i want to see you attempt to to use your grados on a plane

... without busting your eardrums or awaken the next seat lady's killer instincts

Originally Posted by kool bubba ice View Post
lol..The, everyone is overpriced excuse..A BOSE defenders favorite argument. The point is this.. What you listed are quality products, & well built.. & 15,000 for a CD player is a lot.. Replace EA with BOSE & the same product would sell for 25,000-50,000. No one is arguing that making money is a bad thing.. Everything gets marked up.. Too bad you guys have to go to extremes listing a 15,000 CD player.. I know of a 50,000 front projector from Renco..Oh the madness..
Obviously i don't think bose has the best sound for the $ but they have their uses (triports are comfy, QC nice noise cancelling, cubes are small - all these products also look great to some people)
It pisses me off to see senseless bose bashing, especially when at least half the people doing it hasn't even used them properly

grado SR60 and SR225- made of the same thing, sennheiser 555 and 595- same goes
Anyway, if triports were sold at the price you think is appropriate (what, $20?) people wouldn't even consider buying them.. because 'cheap cant be good'
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Let's bring this forum back from the dead! Time to turn up the hate.
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Originally Posted by ForShure View Post

Let's bring this forum back from the dead! Time to turn up the hate.

Let's not and say we did.
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Originally Posted by ev13wt View Post

Let's not and say we did.

Awwwww you guys are no fun

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Bose: most undervalued headphone brand on head fi.
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Somehow $130-$150 for an AE2 doesn't seem so bad. Now we have these $300 portable fancy pants headphones that sound like they should be $150 and those are perfectly acceptable to everyone here!  You know... as long as it looks cool and is built like a tank $300 is no problem!

It seems like once someone decided to make a $300 portable headphone everyone else had to go and do it!


Another funny thing is when people complain how colored a Bose headphone is and what's suggested instead is even more colored and bass heavy.


I'd rather take a Bose AE1 over a Denon D1100 or ESW9 any day. It's also amusing to hear suggestions for an SRH-840 and M50 for portable use instead  confused_face_2.gif


BTW why don't they have any more over ear small headphones under $100 that sound amazing? There are very few of them it seems. Even the Creative Aurvana Live isn't anything special.

Most of the ones I have are too awkward for portable use. That would be the KRK KNS-6400 etc. Even the SRH-440 and HD-280 are too large.


There is the Beyerdynamic DT-235 but I wish I could pay a little more and have it sound like a $100 headphone. I'd say it's maybe $75 worth of sound. Too bad it's on ear.


One thing people don't seem to mention is that the BOSE AE1 and 2 have very good low bass extension. Not even rolled off much. I've only heard the AE1 though. I don't think either are bass monsters despite what people say.

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I agree with all of that smily_headphones1.gif
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Well i'm actually not a huge fan of bose sound wise but i am blown away at how comfortable their phones are compared to other portable phones. Its actually pretty alarming infact to see how uncomfortable a lot these high end portable phones are in general.


I personally find AE2 to fall behind a bit in terms of sound compared to a decent amt of portable headphones that are readily recommended here but considering the comfort + price i do not think its a bad buy at all. Of course Bose qc15 has given me some of the best international flight experiences as well. But i must say purely sound wise it falls behind (considering price) but does the job it was designed to do

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I have just bought a Bose Soundlink Mini wireless speaker for when I am working away from home and don't want to put headphones on. £170 compared to £120 - £180 for a Jambox or Soundmatters equivalent. In limited testing in shops I thought the Bose sounded fuller and better so I bought it. Agreed that the accessories are quite expensive (but probably no more than people would pay for mobile phone accessories) and the Soundmatters accessories are not much cheaper. But it is a full metal housing, good sound and convenient. What more could I ask for? I dare say someone will correct me and point to a better sound quality from another product but I am happy with the purchase so far. I am not a Bose fan per se, I have been a bit sniffy about the Wave products and iPod docks in the past but I needed a product, did some quick and dirty testing and purchased based on SQ v price. If Bose win on that then good for them. If not I would buy something else. It strikes me as counter productive to bash a company in general. Audiophiles seem to thrive on choice and that will inevitably include good and bad choices depending on a very subjective assessment. Someone may love the Grado sound (personally I don't) and someone else may love the Senneheiser sound. We should all base our purchases on the simple equation of SQ v price with the added nuance of how flush we are in the bank at the time. If Bose (or anyone else) makes rubbish products then they will not thrive because sales will be poor. Hooray for choice and hooray for the Soundlink Mini!
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