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Tottenham Court Road

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Just wondered if anyone could recommend somewhere on the Tottenham Court Road that’s a good place to haggle, has a good selection of flash DAPs (preferably Z5, Clix, Zen V) and takes the unloved AMEX card?
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pretty much all the places on tottenham court road will allow haggling, as long as you tell them that you were offered a better price elsewhere. as far as selection is concerned, you will need to browse.
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A few months ago I trawled Tottenham Court Road looking at various mp3 players. More than a few stores had the iRiver Clix 4GB and Samsung Z5 - those were the players I was thinking of getting. There's also a few stores that sell iAudios (low capacity flash and the x5) to be found. I didn't pay any attention to any store names.

You won't be able to haggle at Micro Anvika. Best you can do is possibly buy an ex-display model.

Be warned that prices are usually higher than normal (probably so that clueless punters pay over the odds). You can haggle but even when you do it right, they won't match prices you see online.

As for AMEX, I cannot say since I've never used one or bothered paying attention.

If you're considering the Z5, you might want to check out play.com - they had a sale a while back where the 4GB was going for 100 GBP.
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Might be useful

Should have phone numbers for most of the stores (so you can ring up and check for availability and whether they accept AMEX)
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Another thing to consider is there are a number of 'chain' stores on the street where it isn't obvious...

ASK, Kamla, Harp + Macdonalds (on oxford street) are own by three brothers who actually share stock, if one is low on a particular item so they generally offer consistent pricing unless one of the managers can do a deal.

C&A also have a couple of stores too.

If you do your research beforehand you can get a deal but these guys haggle everyday so they will always try to pursuade you to pay more. Remember that it's YOUR money!

Have fun and good luck!

p.s. I normally buy from Micro Anvika or the ASK chain of stores. They aren't dodgy like some of the other stores and the customer support can be really good. I had a very positive experience getting my Shure E500 PTH's replaced on the spot without receipt or packaging from Micro Anvika.
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Thanks guys. I fancy a haggle rather than just buying online. I guess I'll see what I can get on the day.

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