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HD 595 Leakage

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Hello all!

I have been debating between the Sennheiser HD 595 and the Audio Technica ATH-A900 for some time and I am now leaning towards the 595 for these reasons: comfort, clarity, size, sweet midrage, shining live acoustic. Also my sources will be good enough that with a little eq (if necessary) the bottom won't drop out (reciever, digital piano, no amp though).

My final question is regarding the leakage of the open 595s. Since I will be recording, looping, and layering with these phones on in a non-professional, low-tech environment, I wan't to make sure I won't be picking up background leakage in my recordings. I have heard both to watch out for this, and that it probably won't be a problem (it's not like I'll be monitoring at high enough volumes to make my ears bleed, but I do like to be lost in the music when singing, etc.). I'd appreciate it if anyone could weigh in on this issue.

Thank you!
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In low-tech environment it will not be an issue. You would need an isolated room + a good condenser microphone to pick up the leaking over the full-volume of a vocalist (well and the mic placement is an issue). I recorded acoustic guitar with Shure sm57, with hd595 on my head, did not pick up anything at all.

Also keep in mind if you have your backing track playing while recording a vocal, and then you will layer that with the backing track, the resulting sound (if you get any) will just be perfectly in sync with the backing track.
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Thank you, your response was very informative and helpful - I definitely do not have a good mic or an isolated room.

Your words are comforting It should be perfectly in sync but it could concievably leave a tinny sound to the backing track. Thank you for your words of wisdom, though.
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Any more opinions on this?

I am thinking I had better buy from a good seller in case a return policy becomes important...any suggestions?
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If you use a metronome through the headphones i would be more worried abotu that sound being picked up. I use a studio projects condensor mic and it will noticably pick up the metronome sound. If you arent using a metronome then any other leakage is easily covered by what you are recording. I actually prefer recording with the hd595's than the hd 280's especially for vocals, they sound a lot more like me.
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Thanks for the input, I am gonna purchase from Headroom given thier excellent return policy. I'll pick up the a900 if it doesn't work out.
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