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Sacd 333 mod. for charity

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Found this at audiogon, heard this guy does very good work. as if i didn't need yet another justification to tweak, apparently proceeds to go to high bidders charity of choice. The idea of shipping my 333 to CA is a bit unsettling though.

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Calling Jude!

Take a look at what the mod does:

Upgrade power supply with Schottky rectifiers and further mods to lower the noise floor
Upgrade key analog power supply capacitors to Black Gates
Upgrade key digital power supply capacitors to Black Gates and Sanyo OS-CONs
Upgrade all op-amps to ultra-fast Linear Tech. Units with current loading mods

Upgrade key analog signal path resistors to Vishays and Caddocks

Upgrade key analog filter path capacitors to Wima films

Upgrade analog coupling caps to Black Gates with Auricap film capacitor bypass caps

Add an IEC socket for use with removable power cords

Damping mods

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Yeah, anybody w/ one of these players and the necessary cash should go for it! Dan's a classy guy, and he know's his stuff.
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I have been to Dan's place and seen his work and listened to his mod's. His work is good enough that his mod of the Perpetual DAC has been looked at by Perpetual, and they state they will still honor the factory warrenty, when modified by Dan. If his workmanship is good enough for them it's good enough for me, so I took my DVD over and had him mod it. Nice! And his pricing is very fair, too. Excellent improvement over stock.
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Originally posted by evilcthul
Calling Jude!

Take a look at what the mod does:
I'd probably already have my 333 modified by this fellow if my 5-year Sony ES warranty wouldn't be voided as a result. That's what stops me. There was some cat on Audio Asylum with a 777 that he had modified by someone, and then later on he started having transport problems (not at all related to the mods to the best of my knowledge), and was very worried about the costs associated with repairing his 777 now that his warranty is voided. I don't know what eventually happened with his 777, but I'd rather not take my chances.

Besides that, though I fully accept that my 333 would almost certainly sound better with such mods, I'm very happy with it as is given the relatively low price I paid for it.

For those who aren't worried about the warranty issue, Dan Wright of ModWright is very well respected in the Hi-Rez forum on Audio Asylum (and elsewhere).
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