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Originally Posted by Aman View Post
Their product design, from even an elementary point of view, is just flawed to the nth degree.
So true, but they don't care as long as their marketing strategy continues to roll in the bucks. I always love this one wave radio commercial where the bose guy says that "some critical listeners could use this as their primary system".

Wtf does that mean? Who are these listeners? Actually, I guess I am one of them. I certainly could get that steaming pile for my primary system. I wouldn't, well maybe if that bose guy put a gun to my head I would.
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I used to have a set of the Acoustimass 5 and the Acoustimass 3s.
Then one day I went in to a high end audio store and listened to some B&Ws. and was "Healed"!!!!!!

I bought my first set of B&Ws and have since traded up 3 times and I have the Nautilus series now. 803 fronts, HTM1 center and rears are CDM1NTs.
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In some other forums most users say most Bose are bad except the 901 series. And some Bose are good for what they do like the all in one solutions that are easy to setup and control and the quiet comfort for isolation, although they are overpriced. And people on here were saying the bose in ear were good...until the v moda vibes came out. I have heard the Bose Companion 3 computer speaker system and thought it sounded alright. Don't know about the old speakers though.

I am surprised that no one has posted this link yet
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The biggest problem is that they don't use real tweeters in their speaker systems. And having that bulky 2.5" to 3" cone reproduce both the treble and the upper midrange resulted in the sound from the so-called "tweeters" becoming harsh, with no detail and very little coherency.

And that's not to mention that not only do the woofers Bose uses still use foam or cloth surrounds, but those woofers also have relatively high Q ratings. Couple that with a relatively small, vented box, and you'll have boomy, flabby, one-noted bass.
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Originally Posted by jinp6301 View Post
People lets keep it on topic. I'm talking about older bose speakers. Does anyone have any personal experiences with it?
In the late '70s my brother and I auditioned a pair of 901s Series whatever they were back then (II or III maybe). We had brought a Mahler symphony recording with us and the salesguy put it on and happened to hit a fairly quiet moment, so he had it turned up to a pretty good volume. As it built, he kept edging over and turning it down a bit (it wasn't blasting, just good listening volume), so we started watching him, at which point he moved away. By the end of the piece, the speakers were hopping up and down on their bases and not even really playing anymore (more like squealing). Didn't buy them

My theory teacher in college wound up buying a set of them... they were what I would call polite speakers, and weren't too bad for small ensemble type stuff, but nothing really heavy. I wound up with Infinitys at the time, after auditioning ESS and a few others (JBL, EPI).

I hear Bose at times when I wander thru a Best Buy/Magnolia and they don't sound too good there. Had to pay my penance when I was waiting in the hospital when my wife was in for surgery... some idiot (~30) and his dad were talking for what seemed to be 2 hours on and on about the Bose store and how you couldn't go wrong buying Bose...
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I've had the powered Roommate II speakers for about 12 years now. I bought these back when I was starting out in college and needed some compact yet decent speakers. Back then I thought they sounded pretty good as did a lot of my friends.

But now that I have better stereo equipment, their faults are readily apparent. Slightly shrill highs and boomy bass combine for a not so pleasant sound. I usually avoid listening to these things. The only time they get use is in my home office on the rare occasion that I'm not listening to my headphones in that room.

Especially horrible was the day when I was listening to my main system. Then for some reason I migrated over to the home office and was listening to the bose speakers. All of a sudden it seemed like I was listenign to music with much of the midrange missing. The Roommate II speakers were never very high on the Bose lineup but still I think they represent that sound fairly well. Well enough at least that I'll never buy Bose anything again.
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Are Bose speakers that bad?

Please take your time and read this article. You will never have to ask that question again. Intellexual.Net: Bose AcoustiMass-15 Review.
Best of luck.......
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Originally Posted by audiorapture View Post
Please take your time and read this article. You will never have to ask that question again. Intellexual.Net: Bose AcoustiMass-15 Review.
Best of luck.......
well I was talking about the vintage bose speakers but yea, the newer ones are POS
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Hmm I listened to some of there speakers in a bose showroom when bored. The big hint they sucked was that they demonstrated them not with music but with annoying 3d effect tracks and explosions. It was an entertaining way of passing the time, especialy when I got the sales man to put on some music which sounded slightly better than chepo pc speakers.

I have to admit there marketing is spot on though (although misleading)
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I have never known a boseman to ever have the ah ha moment, the epiphany that makes them an audiophile, If you want to prove that bose suck, and have an epiphany, listen to some electrostats on a good tube amp with your bose owning office buddy. Then you will both say, "wait a minute this setup is less than a bose lifestyle system" and then say wow these speakers actually go above 13khz and sound like they aren't imaging the size of the vocalists mouth to about 10 feet wide. I guess Amar bose learned at MIT that those harmful "ultra sonic frequencies above 15khz' could damage hearing", So he decided to hide his speakers in cubes use two small paper cones without X overs and say they were amazing, without the high end. On top of it all now bose advertises that they basically use a technique that creates standing waves which causes phase cancellation to create room filling sound. Wow instead of imaging now the guitar can fill the room. Tell me who owns the 901's and is a real audiophile, who has other great electronics to go with their above audiophile price tag. wow 3000$ for a lifestyle system, where can I sign up?
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^ Now that was the most intelligent rant I ever read.
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Originally Posted by HiFi FOR METAL View Post
I guess Amar bose learned at MIT that those harmful "ultra sonic frequencies above 15khz' could damage hearing"...
Now that Bose claim is false. In fact, it's too much energy in the 2-10 kHz range (the range which the human ear is most sensitive to) that's most harmful to hearing - but most of the Bose speakers have too much energy in parts of that region!
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umm, first of all above 15khz isn't ultrasonic and I totally agree with you, but I was being hyperbolically sarcastic. there is no good reason to cut frequencies off above 20khz. especially considering the fact that a speaker that can create ultrasonic frequencies will create sonic frequencies much more eaisly and some psychoacoustic reasearch suggests we can hear the sub harmonics of ultrasonic frequencies if they are created by an ultrasonic driver. Magnepan uses a rull ribbon tweeter that goes to 45khz and grado also has carts that can do the same. So saying "better sound through reseach" is a bunch of bull. Bose only use marketing research not psychoacoustics or audio science. that was my sarcastic point.
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I think you will be hard pressed to find many balanced opinions on BOSE around here (there are, but few and far in between). Many commented never heard the speakers (heck, I'm willing to bet that some haven't even heard a BOSE critically) you mentioned and let out their opinions nontheless on business strategies and newer product lines.

If you like them they are good (i.e. after you compared them to other alternatives). And it's cool to assault the weak. Too cool. BTW, I don't work for BOSE, nor do I own any of their products.
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I am new to head-fi and I heard some Bose speakers (I don't know the model) yesterday in a friend's house. It just makes me wonder how the sound would be classified. What is the sound signature of their speakers, in general? I am trying to get better at describing what I hear so I can better identify what I'm looking for. Thanks.

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