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0404 USB Kernel Streaming?

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Hey Guys

Is anyone using KS in Foobar with the 0404 USB? I finally bought one of these and am using ASIO, but wanted to give KS a try as a less CPU intensive alternative.

I just haven't been able to get it work. I've got the right .dll installed and have:

"KS: E-MU 0404 USB"

as the Output Device. I hit play and nothing happens...no music and the music counter doesn't even move.

Any ideas?

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Use ASIO. It rocks.

KS doesn't work with my Audiophile 2496 too...
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Edit: Never mind. Misread the OP.
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The CPU usage w/ ASIO comes from low latency settings. You can use bigger buffers when just playback music. As the Foobar does not have a button to launch the E-MU ASIO Control panel, you need to use the one listed in my sig. Try 1st latency settings around 10-50ms. I suppose ~20ms is good setting.

In generally, check that the samplerate is same in foobar that you have in E-MU panel. Also, the data type may play a part in this problem you have there w/ KS.

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I use ASIO with my 0404 usb too, kernal streaming didnt work when I tried it either. Im fine with ASIO, but if someone does get kernal streaming to work, I might try that method just to see what its like.
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I use ASIO as well with my PC MkIII-USB. I like ASIO a lot. I even made a thread about it. The link is in my sig.
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kernel streaming also doesnt work for me on the 0404... i wanna use KS because i hear it takes up way less cpu resources... but i get no sound when i try the playback. ASIO is WAY too laggy... can't even surf the web without lagging.
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KS doesn't work for me either. I have a core2duo system, and my cpu utilization on default settings (i.e. I didn't change the ASIO latency) is 8-14%.
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I'm using about 15% of cpu split between two cores of an Opteron 170 @ 2.75gig. ASIO2ks (which beeps) and Asio E-MU (which won't share nicely with other programs) both use about the same. Latency @ 15ms
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JDUBS, my CPU usage with ASIO4ALL varies between 8% and 15% with no other programs running.

check out this thread for alternatives to the E-MU ASIO driver:

I find it effective to simply disable the E-MU Audio Service in your services control panel to make sure it's not using CPU time/RAM.
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I just checked and the EMU audio service doesn't use an cpu resources when you are not using your soundcard, uses a bit of ram is all 2,112k. I didn't even know there was an EMU audio service until you mentioned it.
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seems like KS doesn't work for USB sound cards..... however DS seems to be perfectly fine and somehow offers bitperfect as well
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Yea, I always thought KS doesn't work with USB.
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Hey guys, I appreciate all the responses! I still haven't gotten it to work, but have "accepted" ASIO as a solution. I think it uses around 15-20%, which isn't so bad.

I had been using KS with my Audigy 2 NX usb device and it worked really well, with very minimal CPU usage (~5%).

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