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I'm a little embarassed I didn't list these earlier:

Phillip Glass:

Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
The Truman Show (1998) (which uses music from Powaqqatsi and Mishima)
The Hours
Secret Window
The Illusionist

All are real stunners.

Other notables:

Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
West Side Story
Purple Rain
American Graffiti
Robin Hood
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Out of Africa
The Virgin Suicides
Good Will Hunting
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Romeo & Juliet (the Baz Luhrmann one) introduced me to Radiohead and for that I'll always be thankful
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Originally Posted by Zanth View Post
Cliff Martinez: Solaris
I would love to get my hands on a copy of that soundtrack but I can't seem to find it for sale anywhere less that £40! Would anyone like to lend me a copy??

My favourite soundtrack is Koyaanisqatsi. In fact the film is basically a soundtrack in itself...
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Mission impossible 2! the track called "Seville" is amazing!
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Yeah, I was just about to ask "where's the Philip Glass love?"
But since he's now been mentioned: Where the hell is the love for Danny Elfman?! C'mon people!

My fave's:

Philip Glass - The Music Of Candyman, The Illusionist

Clint Mansell - Requiem For A Dream, The Fountain

Danny Elfman - The Nightmare Before Christmas (of course), Edward Scissorhands (of course, again).
And though it's not a soundtrack, Danny's new album "Serenada Schizophrana" is easily the best thing he has ever put out. It's simply AMAZING! As you may guess, it's still pretty soundtrack-esque.

Hans Zimmer - Gladiator (I'm not really a fan of Zimmer, and not a huge fan of this OST either, BUT, the track "The Battle" alone makes this OST a favorite. That track is so excellent it's not even funny).

John Carpenter - Halloween (the original), The Fog
Giorgio Moroder - Midnight Express

Anybody got the soundtrack for Videodrome btw? I've been looking for that one for ages.
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Trevor Jones - From Hell
Danny Elfman - Sleepy Hollow
John Williams - Memoirs of a Geisha
Tan Dun - Hero

are my favourites
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Originally Posted by Zanth View Post
Cliff Martinez: Solaris
Ditto this one. I was waiting for the price to drop, 'cause $40 is just too much. It drifted out of mind - and now you can't buy it anywhere! I still remember hearing it in the cinema, those chiming sounds and ultra-low bass-lines...
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Garden State
The Last Kiss
Pirates of the Caribbean : Curse of the Black Pearl
Star Wars (all 6 film soundtracks)
Master and Commander
Reservoir Dogs ("Little Green Bag" and "Stuck in the Middle with You" FTW!)
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Firstly, complete albums that I love

Snatch (Best soundtrack ever)
Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill bill 1 & 2
Oh Brother Where Art Thou (Best soundtrack ever...oh I said that already)
Road To Perdition
American Beauty
Garden State
School of Rock, Almost Famous
The Matrix
Any classic Tom and Jerry cartoon by Fred Quimby, Chuck Jones

Now, Best main themes

Signs (One of the best Intro themes ever)
Star Wars
Superman (The older ones)
Batman (TV series)
Swat cats, Duck Tales,

Hmm.. those are what come to my mind immediately...
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Originally Posted by skeeder View Post
The Island
Batman Begins
King Arthur
Last Samurai
The Rock
Hans Zimmer is a great composer for soundtracks. He also did Black Hawk Down and Rain Man, which is a great movie with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. Dustin Hoffman was the autistic brother of Tom. Great acting in it. I like Gladiator the best out of the movies though.

Other soundtracks I like:

Meet Joe Black
Moulin Rouge
Harry Potter-orchestral version
Star Wars
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I love soundtracks

Here are a few

 1.any of the rca classic film series.captain blood,elizabeth and essex,casablanca,now voyager,gone with the wind,sunset boulevard,captain from castille,spellbound,the sea hawk,citizen kane,laura,classic film scores from bette davis films.

2.london phase 4 bernard herman releases3.star trek4 raiders of the lost ark 5 rca pink panther releases 6 breakfast at tiffanys 7 charade 8 peter gunn 9 hatari 10 adams family music vic mizzy 11anthology of music from ennio moricone films(rca) 12 the good the bad and the ugly(united artists) 13 the shadow by jerry goldsmith 14 star trek 15 the saint 16 the avengers 17 the phantom 18 casper 19 sneakers 20 glory 21 patriot games 22 zorro 23 edward scissorhands 24 batman 25 batman returns 26 mancini surround (rca) 27 star wars trillogy(utah symphony on rca classic film series)) 28 you only live twice 29 goldeneye 30 tomorrow never dies 31 for your eyes only 32 diamonds are forever 33 thunderball 34 living daylights 35 on her majestys secret service 36 die another day 37 the fabulous baker boys 38 round midnight

39 prince and the pauper(varese sarabande) 40 robin hood (varese sarabande) 41 sea hawk (varese sarabande) 42 the right stuff/north and south (varese sarabande) 43 the ghost and misses muir (varese sarabande) 44 in like flint/our man flint (varese sarabande) 45 jurassic park 46 jurassic park the lost world 47 king kong(naxos) 48 adventures of mark twain(naxos) 49 red river(naxos) 50 the magnificent seven the complete score ( elmer bernstein composer,koch label) 51 a ton of telarc cds of movie music 52 bullit 53 cincinnatti kid 54 last of the mohicans 55 legaends of the fall 56 backdraft 57 gladiator 58 north by northwest(varese sarabande) 59 planet of the apes 60 mulan 61 mulan ll 62 pocahontas 63 blade runner (vangelis) 64 clockwork orange 65 avengers tv show (varese sarabande) 66 the sea wolf (chandos) 67 the commancheros and other music from john wayne films  elmer bernstein composer (varese sarabande) 68 true grit and other music from john wayne films elmer bernstein composer (varese sarabande) 69 spirit (hans zimmer composer) 70 the incredibles 71 victor /victoria(mancini compser) 72 tarzan 73 the original sountrack music from the man from u.n.c.l.e. volume 1(silva) 74 the original soundtrack music from the man from u.n.c.l.e. volume 2 (silva) 75 2001 a space odessy(sound is terrible on this one) 76 vangelis movie themes(sound is good on this cd) 77 never say never again(silva,sound is not to good on this one either) 78 captain blood (naxos)

 Thats all I can remember for now but there are more would like to see what your favorites are.

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Some fine piece of jazz music from Jim Jarmusch's movies.


Mulatu Astatke, The Lounge Lizards

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Just a few:


Being John Malkovich OST Carter Burwell

Weather Man OST Hans Zimmer

Down By Law OST John Lurie

Englar Alheimsins OST Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson

The Ninth Gate OST Wojciech Kilar


Good quality stuff.

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I love Pearl Harbor's soundtrack.

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Ace Combat 6's soundtrack is very good.

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