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another OST fan checking in

Shrek and Shrek 2. I usually listen to more mellow, folksy stuff (Norah Jones, John Denver, James Taylor-ish) but these two OSTs were very fun. I loved the exposure to other types of music, and did I mention that I've watched the two movies bazillion times thanks to my kids?

I second the LotR OSTs. I have all three and enjoy them a lot.
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Originally Posted by Mrvile View Post
Ocean's Eleven had some pretty interesting music as well.
Ah, yes! Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr. ... great stuff!

That IS what you were talking about, right?
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The Pianist- Just great piano and orchestra.

Collateral- some good real songs along with new tracks. Very good to listen to collectively.
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The Royal Tenenbaums OST is definatly one of the best soundtracks i have ever heard. Its filled with classic artists playing their not so classic songs.

If youre a fan of older melodic pop songs, you should definatly check it out
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Originally Posted by Febs View Post
Ah, yes! Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr. ... great stuff!

That IS what you were talking about, right?
Uhh...I was thinking more like the slow jazzy guitar plucky "elevator" type music they played in the background as the guys were snooping around doing their snooping.
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"me and you and everyone we know" and "donnie darko" o.s.t. (and score), both by michael andrews
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The Pulp Fiction soundtrack is one of the best ever. I've been playing it ever since the movie came out.

Another longtime favorite is the soundtrack to Traveler. It has classic country songs performed by new artists. It's little known, but both the movie and the soundtrack are excellent. Seek them out if you love great country and interesting indie films.
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I like:

Alien III
Alien Resurrection
Star Wars (all of it but check out Shadow of the Empire, very different even though it has strands of Williams in there)
LOTR trilogy
Fight Club
Immortal Beloved

I'll sift through more of my collection later.
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Almost famous
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Sideways (!!!)
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Human Traffic
The Beach (both the score and the soundtrack, though I greatly prefer the soundtrack)
The Dark Crystal
The Never Ending Story (total cheese but good cheese)
Batman (score only)
Batman Returns
Superman I - II
Mission Impossible (soundtrack and score)
Water World
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The original Star Wars trilogy soundtracks are the best.
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The New World
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The Island
Batman Begins
Eragon (okay)
Halo (first one I have its brilliant)
King Arthur
Last Samurai
The Illusionist
Schindler's List
The Rock
The Pianist
The Time Machine

Just the tip!
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No Eric Serra yet?
The Big Blue

Other than that:
(O.K., not originally ment as a movie, but who cares)
Moulin Rouge
title songs of Bond movies

And more votes for already mentioned:
Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
Pulp Fiction
Blade Runner
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