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I find some of the greatest, most interesting music on soundtracks
My favorites are "Nowhere In Africa", "The last temptation of Christ", and "Vengo".
Whats are yours????
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The Phantom Menace
Revenge Of The Sith
The Last of the Mohicans
Dances With Wolves
Ransom - Just the Billy Corgan tracks
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I also use soundstracks as a way to discover new music. I've discovered some really good music through these sound tracks:

Spawn (The Movie)
The Crow
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I really like the LOTR soundtrack. That, and any of the Hannibal movie soundtracks.
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The original King Kong and Psycho.
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Some great ambient to ambient-like soundtracks:

BT: The Binary Universe
The Edge (U2 guy): Captive
David Holmes and Steve Hilton (Free Association: Code 46
Various Artists (but David Holmes has a track and greatly influences the album): Pi
Cliff Martinez: Traffic
Cliff Martinez: Solaris
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The soundtracks to 'Amelie' and 'A Very Long Engagement' are awesome. Also worth a look are the soundtracks to 'The Insider', 'Blade Runner', 'Run Lola Run' & 'Lost In Translation'.
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Ghost in the Shell
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
LOTR I, LOTR III (don't have #II)
Princess Mononoke
Requiem for a Dream
Pulp Fiction
Blade Runner
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I love Kill Bill and natural born killers , Not great overall but they have introduced me to bands I would normally never hear like - Cowboy junkies,nine inch nails, shivaree etc
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Two of the greats of my lifetime are the soundtracks to The Mission (Ennio Morricone) and The Piano (Michael Nyman). I used to love Stewart Copeland's soundtrack to RumbleFish, although it's years now since I've heard it.

Generally I think that soundtrack albums aren't as good as "real" albums, but Philip Glass breaks the trend because two of his best are Koyaanisqatsi and Mishima: the soundtrack to the latter is, for example, much better than the string quartet version of the same material. Also of note by Glass is the Dracula album, although its the soundtrack to a silent movie, which makes a difference.

For song-based soundtracks, the album of One From The Heart (Tom Waits) is outstanding, as is Aimee Mann's Magnolia, but I think that in both cases the songs came first.
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The Harder They Come - one of the most important albums (let alone soundtracks) of all time - the film, and the songs that appeared on the soundtrack helped introduce reggae to America.

Reservoir Dogs - great dialogue pieces by Quentin Tarantino ("Madonna Speech"), and Harvey Keitel ("Let's Get a Taco"), along with radio bits by Steven Wright ("...K-Billy super sounds of the 70s...") along with some great music, make this essential.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai - The Album - I'm not even sure this is the "official" soundtrack, but it rocks. Dark hip-hop with distinctive production by The RZA, interspersed with little spoken word pieces by Forest Whitaker.

Apocalypse Now - the only two songs are "The End" and "Ride of the Valkyries", and both are cut up by movie dialogue - but what dialogue! The album is really primarily Martin Sheen's narration, with the dialogue from the most important scenes mixed with lots of sound affects, and atmospheric music. The effect is really hypnotic.
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I've not bothered with OSTs for a long while, however, I've just started to listen to;

Pan's Labyrinth/Laberinto del Fauno, El

I'm only a couple of tracks in but it's very good, so far, IMO.
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LOTR music is probably some of the best movie music there is. Other good ones are Star Wars, Jurassic Park (I don't think there's an entire album for JP though), Princess Mononke/Spirited Away, and Gettysburg. Ocean's Eleven had some pretty interesting music as well.
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I just listed some of my favorite soundtracks in another thread. Have to find that now.
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I found it. I like these soundtracks. Just some of my favorites.

- The Mission
- The Village
- The Illusionist
- The Hours
- The Fountain
- BrokeBack Mountain
- Once Upon A Time In the West
- The Pianist
- Shine
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