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kloan hooked me up with an ipack ipod battery external pack - works like a charm, thanks again!
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Kloan is an awesome buyer and trusted gentlman. I sell earphones to him and i was pleased(highley recomanded).
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Bought a pair of UE 5 EB's from Kloan. I like the very fast response Kloan gave to my inquiries. Good feedback even when P&P turned out to be a bit more expensive than he anticipated . The package arrived within a week! Can't wait to try them.... Thanks Kloan, nice to do business with you!
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Sold shure e500s to him. The negotiation was lightning quick and the deal was consummated with zero hassle. Overall, an excellent communicator and a great guy to deal with.

I was a pleasure doing business with Tristan.
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Bought E500s from Tristan. PM him at night and pick the phones up the next day. Flawless transaction. Recommended head-fier!
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Bought Image X10's. Fast responder as he answered a lot of questions I had and what not.

Would buy from him again, thanks again!
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Bought Sennheiser IE8s from Tristan. Very fast shipping and excellent communication. Highly recommended!!!
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I bought a Nurforce Icon Mobile and Fiio E5 from Tristan, great packaging, speedy shipping. He contacted Nuforce because the case had a dent, and Nuforce sent me a new cover also. A++++++, would buy from him again.
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Bought UE TF10's from him. Exactly as described, perfect condition. Fast Shipper, even waited for my echeck to clear. Couldn't have provided better service, so buy from him!
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Tristan bought my Westone 3. He was a pleasure to deal with and the transaction went smoothly. Highly recommended!
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I was very satisfied with the Westone 3s I got from Kloan. They got here faster than expected and they are in great shape.
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Bought some Grado SR-60's from him, he shipped them right away and I got them in less than 4 days! They're in great shape and sound amazing, my new favorite phone, thanks!
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Did some business with Tristan, and it was a win-win. Honest and honorable HFer. Thanks.
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Bough a pair of Radiopaq classic from Tristan. They arrived quickly and in mint condition.
Communication was excellent (he refunded me some bucks due to different shipping costs).
Highly recommended !!!
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Bought a set of Klipsch earphones from Tristan. He was a real pleasure to deal with & would love to do business with him again. Fast shipping, friendly, excellent communication, good product. What more can you ask. AustinHorn
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