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The Ultimate Who Thread!

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Hello everyone! Let's start a thread in dedication to the most energetic, powerful classic rock band in the history of the universe! THE WHO!

What album is your favourite? When, if ever did you first experience them in their live glory? Which member do you most admire? Are The Who the best live act from the time period? Do you enjoy their new work, "Who2"?





Personally, Isle of Wight for me, holds the title as one of their best live albums. I would have to say though, that Live At Leeds and Quadrophenia are my most favourites.

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Here a few wicked videos on youtube...

My Generation - Monterey Pop Festival - 1967


Won't Get Fooled Again - 1978 (for Kids Are Alright movie)


5:15 - 1973


Bell Boy - 1974


See Me, Feel Me - 1969 (Woodstock)


And a couple from Isle of Wight...

Pinball Wizard


I'm Free

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I'm not really a Who fan, but I have Live At Leeds. It's awesome. So far as favorite members, I'll go with Moon. One the best drummers of all time...
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The truly brilliant albums are, in this order, as they appeared:



Who's Next

there is no more discussion

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Spent many an hour during my high school years with my head planted squarely between my speakers cranking Quadraphenia

Not an album, but I really dig the first complete performance of Tommy from their show at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam 9/26/69. WOW! The My Generation encore with a medley of several Tommy themes sandwiched in the middle is truly inspired! Eyewitness reports tell of Keith Moon so wasted he fell into the audience as he came on stage at the beginning of the show. Wasted he may have been, but behind the drum kit he is ON FIRE!

Viva la Who!
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Originally Posted by stewgriff View Post
I'm not really a Who fan, but I have Live At Leeds. It's awesome. So far as favorite members, I'll go with Moon. One the best drummers of all time...
What he said, except townshend
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Has to be Quadrophenia I have been listening to this album since I was about 10 and I still listen to It once a week now 27 years on. I just love it !!!!!!!!

KIETH MOON !!!!!!!!!! best drummer EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Not my all-time favorite but want to put in a good word for an overlooked album-- Who By Numbers.
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Another vote for Quadrophenia. For Christmas last year my daughter gave me the Tommy/Quadrophenia DVD...great concert DVD...highly recommend for any Who fan.
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Originally Posted by Nightfall View Post
The truly brilliant albums are, in this order, as they appeared:



Who's Next

there is no more discussion


I was speaking of "studio" recordings. "Live At Leeds" was a remarkable live recording, and an historical one, as I well remember from having experienced it when it was released.

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Another for Live at Leeds. Tommy though, was the first rock record I really got into. Quadrophenia is the only album which I associate with some important life events, and is their second best, I think. By the Numbers was so disappointing that I haven't bothered to pick up Who's Next, but I'm sure I will a some point.
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Great thread! The world's best rock-n-roll band definitely deserves more props around here!

Favorite albums:
Quadrophenia and Who's Next are pretty closely ranked at the top for me. Live at Leeds (especially the extended version), Tommy, My Generation, and more have all been faves at various times.

Most admired:
It's gotta be Pete for his writing, playing, and general attitude. Keith is a close second as the best rock drummer ever, then John who holds the same title in the bass context, and lastly Roger who is a great rock singer and best mic-swinger but not the same for me as the other three.

The Who Live:
1. April 20, 1980 show at the Oakland Coliseum Arena (when I spray-painted The Who with a large arrow on the "o" on the hood of my VW);
2. Day on the Green #3 in 1982 with the The Who, The Clash, and T-Bone Burnett. That was part of The Who's Last Tour;
3. The same 1982 tour at the LA Coliseum, also with The Clash;
4. October 19, 1996 live performance of Quadrophenia at the San Jose Arena; and
5. November 8, 2006 at the San Jose Arena (I got backstage passes for the after-show, where I met, shook hands and chatted with Roger Daltry, Zach Starky, Simon Townsend, and Pino Paladino).

Here's my Who-mobile circa 1981:

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Originally Posted by Voltron View Post
Although I was happy to keep my streak alive by winning something in saint.panda's very generous raffle, I already have HD650s and HD600s so I decided to follow Tao's lead by paying my prize forward to another member who donated to this worthy charity. So, my plan was to generate 5 numbers randomly and ask saint.panda whose tickets they were so I could find someone new to Head-Fi who would really appreciate these great cans. Problem was that the Randomizer actually picked one of my numbers and then two of Asr's numbers! I just can't seem to lose a raffle around here, and Asr already won something too (besides the fact that he would probably give it away too)!

But the good news is that from the selections available I was easily able to identify the right person to receive the prize. He has Keith Moon in his avvy, he has loved Quadraphenia since he was 10 years old, and most of his posts are about listening to music as opposed to hoarding gear. Also, he only has Grados, so he needs a little bit of Senn in his life. Looking at his posts, I found that just yesterday he said that he was "sure" he would win something in saint.panda's raffle. Well, Omegaman, now you have. The only problem is that you really are going to have to get an amp now! I hope you enjoy the 650s and spread a little good karma of your own.

Thanks again to saint.p and to Afrikane who will be shipping you your new headphones.

It pays to love the who !!!!!!!!
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I have to sign on with the "Live at Leeds" crowd. Who's Next is a close second in my opinion.
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Sorry to revive a corpse, but I got Quadrophenia this weekend. It's truly awesome. Some filler, but it's a double album, and this is the best filler I've heard in a while. And the best tracks...the emotion in them, the energy...great stuff.
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