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Happy birthday, Jude!

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Just glanced down at the bottom of the page and noticed. Have a good one .
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Happy birthday dude. Thanks all your work on Head-Fi. Where would we be without you.
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Jude, all my best to you for a happy birthday. You are the [almost] anonymous hero of our internet!

--~~~--thanks for being one of the good guys--~~~--
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All the best, Jude.
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Happy Birthday Jude.

How about a picture of the cake?

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Happy Birthday Jude!

To the man who started it all,Have a great one!
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Enjoy the day, Jude, and Happy Birthday!
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If you can excuse the name on the cake, this image was too good to pass up. Happy birthday Jude, and thanks for Head-Fi and all the hard work that goes along with it! The new upgrades this year are fantastic. Thanks!
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Happy bday!!
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Happy Birthday!
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Jude RULZ!!!
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Birthday? Jude doesn't age, he merely exists for all time.
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Happy Birthday Jude!
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Happy Birthday Jude, many thanks for all that you have done to keep this site alive for all of us here. Celebrate your day with family and great music.
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