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HD-600 with Equinox and balanced Cardas

First Watt F1
RSA Tomahawk

ipod and maybe imod

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Audio Technica ATH-W5000
Westone UM2
V-Moda Vibe (in 3 colors (wtf?!))

Meier Porta Corda [if still operational]
Larocco PRII

Headroom Micro DAC
Creative Zen Micro Photo 8gb
Asus W3J (laptop), with games for those interested
in testing out various headphones/sources for gaming.
[maybe something else if I have it by then]

Excessive amounts of coffee if I get my hands on it...

Whats the demand?
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Hello Everone,

I hope to be in the members room. Although I will bring some kits for DIY amps and the Alien DAC kits to sell. I am building a couple of amps, and should have them completed by then.

Panasonic HT-355

Amps (and kits)
AMB labs Beta22 with Sigma22 PSU

Sony CD player and hopefully an AH! Njoe tjoeb
Alien DAC (kits)

Sunday Only
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Remove my stax from the list, they have been sold.
I might or might not add the equipment I have on the way (based on its weight).
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Originally Posted by MaloS View Post
Remove my stax from the list, they have been sold.
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Cool...sorry to be a bit flooding, add a Darkvoice 332 to the amp section on my part.
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quzziguy's equipment list


HeadPhile modified AKG K340
Stock AKG K340
Alessandro MS-1
Panasonic RP-HTX7


Singlepower Platinum Extreme w/ BG output and stepped attenuator upgrades
Corda Headfive
Custom HeadAmp AE-2 (I hope )


Apple 5G 30GB iPOD
LiTe DAC-AH (driven by cheap Toshiba DVD player)


ALO Cotton Dock
ALO mini-RCA
Kimber PBJ
Blue Jeans Cable digital cable

Power (Cables + related equipment)

Power Punch


Saturday April 21st[X]
Sunday April 22nd[X]

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I'm going to bring my ack dAck 2.0 DAC. I don't want a table setup of my own, I am hoping to put it on someone else's table...hopefully one with a few other DACs so we can do some side-by-side comparing.
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my stuff

Not sure if I'll be all or some right now, but will update as the meet gets closer.


Headphones (+ Cables)
(looking for one more)

Singlepower ES-1 (stock)
Singlepower Extreme (upgraded)
Gilmote Lite w/DPS

Wavelength Cosine V dac
Marantz Sa-11s1 Sacd/CD player

Grover S rca
Grover UR8 xlr

Saturday April 21st[X]
Sunday April 22nd[X]
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Sorry for replying so late. Here are the equipments I will bring.
Thank you for you guys' efforts.


Headphones (+ Cables)
AKG K1000 rewired with ATL.

Musical Fidility P180A re-modified for AKG K1000

Mark Levinson Trans. 37+ DAC 360S


Power (Cables + related equipment)
ATL Power Box
ATL Power Cables*3
PS Power Cable

Shark isolation cones
Furutech RD-2 Disc Demagnetizer

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Good to see that foo_me is coming up again and that yschen has some Levinson gear to share as part of a pretty cool looking K1000 setup.

Only 18 or so members have signed up for table space, and already the gear lists are impressive! Thanks to Grahame for keeping them updated and tracking all of this stuff. We will be figuring out table assignments a little later on.
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Just starting my new life in the California. I am so happy to attend this meet. How lucky I am!
My favoraite is classical music. So, I used to have HD600 and HD650 with CORDA Prehead MKII and RKVII. After I get the K1000, I couldn't go back the full-covered headphones. Actually, I am planing to build the new speaker system. Fortunately, I don't need to change too many gears. Of course, AKG K1000 will still be my only headphone! I am so looking forward this meet!
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I actually just moved to San Francisco and am loving it!
Beautiful city...been a dream to move here.
So, perfect timing for the meet plus looking forward to future mini-meets since there seems to be lots of head-fiers close to each other.
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sries, another equipment update...
- darkvoice 332
- hd595
+ larocco prII
+ ath-w5000
+ westone um2

...I gotta stop rotating stuff like a drunk monkey.
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Just wanted to add that since two of my CDPs have dual analog outputs, and all three CDPs have both Toslink and coaxial, and most of my amps have loop outs, my system will be able to support at least three DACs and three amps, as long as the other people bring their interconnects.

Btw, my posted equipment list is currently inaccurate, will update it when I have my final components in. Please make these adjustments in the meantime:
- change "AKG K701 (2), K601, K501, K401" in Headphones to "AKG K701, K601, K171S"
- add Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 to Headphones
- add Xenos 1HA-EPC, C&C Box v2, and Go-Vibe V6 to Amps
- delete "(subject to be an AE-2 pending release)" in Amps (only that part of the line, as the AE-1 is still going to attend)
- add "Arcam FMJ CD33" to Sources
- change "Signal Cable Silver Res Analog (3)" in Interconnects to "Signal Cable Silver Res Analog (3), Analog Two, and SilverMini (3)"
- change "Signal Cable Magic Power Digital Reference" in Power to "Signal Cable Magic Power Digital Reference and Silver Res Reference power cords"

Thanks Grahame!
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