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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
So you're the fake Hydrocity
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Recently at a friend's Superbowl get together:
Guy: Why are those announcers wearing those huge headphones? Why not use some nice earbuds, like those nice Bose ones? (referring to the HD-25's)

Guy (to me): Why the hell would you spend more than like $30 on a pair of headphones? Why not get some awesome Bose speakers? My whole house shakes from the bass of those babies!
Me: Why would you spend more than $30 on a Bose speaker system? Let alone one?
Guy: 'Cuz Bose is the best ever! Get a frickin' clue! You're so dumb.

Girl: Wow, those things must BUMP! Just like my brother's subs he has in his car!
Me: Actually, no. Not at all.
Girl: Then they must suck! (referring to my SR-80's)

Guy #2: What's Sennheiser? Are they like Bose or Sony? Well, I've never heard of them, so they must not be that good. Definitely not any better than my Triports!
Me: What's Bose? Oh you must mean Blows. As in "My Triport Blows." You know, like a fart cannon!
Guy #2: STFU!

Haha, that's all I could remember from Sunday. I was too busy celebrating a Colts victory to pay any more attention
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i just like to let people wallow in their ignorance. if they like the triports then let them!
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20 dollar sonys are the best ever!!!!

Me back in high school hehe
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"Nothing beats Bose and I mean NOTHING"
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"He must be Airport Security.."

I was walking threw midway airport with only one of my Sensaphonics pluged in my ear and the cable going down my back.

imagine the looks I got when i was on the plane..
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My sister:

"You payed $150 for THOSE? My Koss UR/10's are better! Koss is the best headphone company..." Referring to my MS1's
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Him: "Why the hell would you spend that much money on headphones?"

Me: "What the hell - I never criticized about your $500 watch."

Him: "But I got it for $300!"

Me: "And I got my iM716's for $70. The MSRP of those are $200."

Lol. We're still good buddies. We laughed after that.
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Actually "n00b" is not the correct term here. It would imply someone who is willing to learn about a subject but doesn't know a lot yet. I consider myself a "n00b" even though I've always bought the best audio I could afford.

It is very well possible to be a n00b and still be an audiophile. I went by an audiophileshop yesterday. I know the guy working there knows a lot about amps, loudspeakers cables etc. I showed him my iPod with LDM+ and asked him if he had a mini-to-mini cable. The first thing he asked me what the black box behind my pod was. When he heard it was an amp he asked if my iPod was broken and therefore needed an amplifier. This shows that even an audio expert can be a n00b.

In the month or so that I became a member of head-fi I learned more about IEM than in the rest of my life combined. I never thought BOSE was good though but I thought that was my private opinion. Glad to see I'm wrong.
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Originally Posted by luckybaer View Post
My wife thought I was nuts with my headphones. She couldn't believe that I needed more than one pair of headphones. She said that they probably sounded the same. So, I let her try the headphones in my stash:

Sony MDR-V300 - "These sound OK. They have a lot of bass."
Koss KSC-75 - "I don't like these. They feel weird on my ears. You can use them because you have big ears. My ears are small."
Beyerdynamic DT770/Pro 80 - "Ooh... I like these."
AKG Acoustics K601 - "Uh-huh... these are really good. Wow! These are clear. I like these. A lot. Wow!"
Beyerdynamic DT880 - "These are really good. They sound like those other ones (K601). Wait... these seem clearer. I like these, too, but they don't have as much bass as some of those other ones."

She ended up keeping the DT770/Pro 80 on her head for another hour. I knew she was a basshead, because I can hear her coming up the street in her car when she has the stereo on...

After she was done listening (we goofed off with music for about 2 hours) she said, "You're right. They all sound different. Some sound a lot better than others."

I love that woman!
Where did you find that girl, you lucky one..
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