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dang, hyrdrocity beat me to the punch....
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If that's you in your avatar, ditch your boyfriend and come to the NY meet.

If what you said was true, I've met your boyfriend. You could do better than that. =]
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Originally Posted by laxx View Post
If that's you in your avatar, ditch your boyfriend and come to the NY meet.

If what you said was true, I've met your boyfriend. You could do better than that. =]
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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
haha you still come back to this place?
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"I can't believe you spent $____ on those! They're huge!!"
"Hey, I like to enjoy my music."
"Are those speakers on the sides? Do the headphones play to the...outside?"
"No and no."
"Do they noise cancel?"
"No, they're open."
"Psh my headphones noise cancel. What a waste of money."
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Originally Posted by laxx View Post
If what you said was true, I've met your boyfriend. You could do better than that. =]
haha... ouch.
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I cant add anything new to this thread...I've also heard the regular "Bose" and "OMG why?" comments...
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Someone at school sees me showing my iM716's to another guy (who is interested). The person asks, "Whoa, are those the headphones that go really LOUD?" I gave him the one-eyebrow-raised look for a moment, but realizing that I wasn't really supposed to expect him to understand, I quickly changed my expression and said, "no." Then someone else caught my attention, so that little weird moment that happened right there ended quickly.
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My favourite is whenever someone puts IEM's in their ears for the first time in front of me. They are clearly impressed, and not used to speaking over such noise isolation, so they usually yell how impressed they are, not aware that its only loud to them..I wait for it every time with a giddy grin. *hits play* "........OH YEAH MAN, THESE ARE FXCKIN SWEET. BASS IS REALLY NICE." And then I knod, and insult their mothers while they can't hear what I'm saying. The worst time ever was when a guy tried out my E5c's for the first time, on a really bass-heavy track. His response was, "OH YEAH, THESE ARE KILLER MAN.. THEY SOUND LIKE SKULLCANDYS!" I laughed so hard I peed a little.
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About halfway through ripping a stack of 50 or so CD's at the kitchen table, my GF asked me what the hell I was doing. I told her that I was putting all the music on the cd's on the computer so that I could put it on my new iAudio X5. I started to tell her about FLAC and OGG, and she held her hand up in my face.

She asked me why I would want to do that. I told her that I could carry all of my CD's on this little thing, the sound quality is great, and I'm tired of being tied to the CD-changer to listen to music.

She said that I was crazy and that I was wasting my time. I offered to let her listen to one of her country songs through my new v-moda vibes, and she said that no music is worth shoving those things in her ears. This still saddens me.

She then proceeded to turn on her $69 Emerson three-disc changer and distort Conway Twitty throughout the kitchen. I guess she proved her point.
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Quotes from work.

Holld on, lemme get my camera..
Stax 404

Man I love that rad 70s look.
Stax 404

Holy crap they're HUGE *s*******
Stax 404

How Much?!?!

Ok, what did you get this time? Oh..my..god!

KWhat the hell are those?

At least those don't look quite as ridiculous..
Stax SR-X

Don't you ever buy sensible headphones....

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My wife thought I was nuts with my headphones. She couldn't believe that I needed more than one pair of headphones. She said that they probably sounded the same. So, I let her try the headphones in my stash:

Sony MDR-V300 - "These sound OK. They have a lot of bass."
Koss KSC-75 - "I don't like these. They feel weird on my ears. You can use them because you have big ears. My ears are small."
Beyerdynamic DT770/Pro 80 - "Ooh... I like these."
AKG Acoustics K601 - "Uh-huh... these are really good. Wow! These are clear. I like these. A lot. Wow!"
Beyerdynamic DT880 - "These are really good. They sound like those other ones (K601). Wait... these seem clearer. I like these, too, but they don't have as much bass as some of those other ones."

She ended up keeping the DT770/Pro 80 on her head for another hour. I knew she was a basshead, because I can hear her coming up the street in her car when she has the stereo on...

After she was done listening (we goofed off with music for about 2 hours) she said, "You're right. They all sound different. Some sound a lot better than others."

I love that woman!
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I have another one:
I was riding on the bus with fellow band mates to a band review and i took out my ipod and e4's and the kid next to me said, "I didn't know you had an ipod, let me listen."
So i took out my headphones and let him play with my ipod, then he said, "You have headphones?"
I forked over iems skeptically and he said, "Uhh, these look like ear dildo's!"
Then he gave my iems back and boroowed some ibuds from another person on the bus.
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i received my hd595's at my gf's house and opened them at her place too. her brother runs over...

"ahhh, nice! are those bose?" - him
"nope, they're sennheisers; some other brand." - me
"awww, what?! how much they cost?" - him
"around $170." - me
"pshhh, man, i dunno. i thought bose was the best." - him
... *me explaining about headphones/prices/ripoffs for 2-3 minutes*
"whatever." - him

also at my local ratshack, i went in to find a 6"+ Female-to-Male RCA cord (extension basically) and the guy took 5 minutes looking, then came back with a male-to-male rca cable that was 2" long. i told him i needed it to be a femlae end on one side, so he came back with a male-to-female converter... it totalled to be like ~$15 for a 2" rca extension cable... needless to say i just bought it elsewhere.
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I was rocking out to my E3C IEMs and my friend asked me if he could try give them a listen right there, with out changing the tips. I told him it would be like sharing underwear if we did that, and his response was " so? "
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