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"The noise floor sucks... I don't think I would ever consider these headphones" *plays cd* "OH CRAP MY EARS!"
Apparently my buddy turned my amp all the way up instead of all the way down to adjust the volume.
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A friend of mine referring to my PX100s:
"Why do you need those big headphones when you already have those small and so practical Ibuds?" (I almost fainted)
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"So I didn't like my stock ear buds (apple) so I bought some from Sennheiser (cheap). They also suck.

Get me some good ones."

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is that a detanator? refering to the go vibe
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I think that the source/recording is the only thing that makes a difference in sound quality. I've had Sennheiser earbuds, ibuds and used amplifiers and they all sound the same.
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"Thats a lot of headphone for that small thing" from a coworker after I showed her K81DJ running straight out of Iriver T10 flash player
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"WTF man!!!"
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So I was setting up my high school for the winter concert, I was a freshman and I was working with a senior. I was the cool kid in school with my Bose tri-ports (these were before my head-fi days), and the kids Dad was a sound enginer at a local recording studio. So we were setting up the levels for the microphones, and I whop out my Tri-ports to listen in for the fun of it. Then he goes "Whoa! Are those Bose?", I reply yes, then he says "Wow dude, those are the best headphones money can buy. My dad insists that these are better (He then proceds to go into his backpack and pull out a pair of Shenhiser HD-25s.), and he wont buy me the bose". So I let him take a listen, and he is totaly hooked. He goes "Hey, Ill give you my schenhisers for your Bose and I'll give you $20. Me, not knowing what I was doing, said no. I now cry myself to sleep at night.
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^ Haha.
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"Do you really need that battery pack?"

"It's not a battery pack."

"But is it really necessary?"


In response to a portable amp.
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Male noobs tend to be biased towards my redneckish DT770, whereas females prefer the DT880 for its unspectacular neutral presentation.

Maybe it's true that females are the better half of mankind.
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I pulled out my CMoy and dap in Radio Shack and the employee asked me if it was a bomb.
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lol which rat shack did you crawl into?
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Uni flatmates and people from my course staring at the strange shaped E4, UM2 and Tomahawk on on desk, plus my sound card (is that a hard drive? lol)

After they guess it costs around £500 for the 4 items, all I got was "niiiiice" surprisingly. Happy, I pulled out my PX100 and they said "£100?" lol (but they do look cool for the price) See, people do understand!
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I brought my K-1000's into Allen's Music (a pro music store in AU) and asked if they could source replacement parts as they are an AKG dealer.

And the guy looked at me funny and said:

"Why would you want spare parts for that piece of crap? They look as if they belong in the bin!!!"

This is a staff member at a pro audio shop mind you so he shouldn't be n00b.

I told him to Google K-1000's and I walked out.
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