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Go Sharks!!!
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Originally Posted by utep10 View Post
let's see.
Will this line up?
Need a couple of
more lines.
Here you go.

I didn't know El Paso had a hockey team. Or is it Juarez?
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OILERS forever!....second favourite is the Avalanche
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Los Angeles Kings.
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Originally Posted by J-Pak View Post

long time fan
ME TOO!!!!

...........but I miss Stevie Y..........
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I still love 'em!

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Seeing how I drive a Zamboni for a certain team in ATL. I better root for the home team.
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GO THRASHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That said......The best teams this year IMO are the Ducks, Sharks, and Sabres.
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First embarassed Bruins fan here to post.....

I'm old enough to remember watching the early 70's teams, when my dad would let me stay up.

Now, this team is just sad. Starts with ownership, all the way down the organization, to many of the players.

I still love the game, though, and not having my team in last year's playoffs (and the heartbreak of another choke) let me enjoy the series more than I had in years!

[cue Wizard of Oz music]

Somewhere.....over the rainbow......

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I almost hate to admit it, but, I've been a Flyers fan since '73 and I still am.
My beloved Jets have been gone 10 years now. My hockey life is hurtin' right now.
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and the home team:

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Originally Posted by SptsNaz View Post
Selanne lazy and one-dimensional? You must really hate the Ducks, because his stats clearly say otherwise

I do agree with the whole Bettman thing though, but then again, who doesn't
The new NHL has done wonders for Selanne. When he played under coach Suter and the Sharks, all he did was hang out at the blue line and wait for a breakout pass. The slightest pressure, and he would dump the puck or sometimes make a horrible pass through center ice. He was always the last to make it back to the zone if the puck was turned over, and I've never seen him throw a check. He went from being a sub 30 goal scorer with SJ and (16!) in Colorado to a 40-50 goal scorer in the new NHL....where defense is less of a concern.
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Originally Posted by kvant View Post
Hurricanes. Glad to see, utep10, that we have supporters also in the Sharks' territory.
Me too!
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Frisk Tigers
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