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Originally Posted by fatcat28037 View Post
Someone define "mainstream".

"indie" music is so "mainstream" these days that I dont know what i'm listening to anymore
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Originally Posted by fatcat28037 View Post
Someone define "mainstream".
I think mainstream means anything that gets radio play (college radio is exempt), can easily be found in most record stores and is known by most people who listen to that particular genre. But it can't be part of an obscure genre (your everyday joe must have heard of the genre). That's how I judge mainstream.
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U2 was considered alternative at one time but they aren't now so yes I do listen to some mainstream music but mostly not.
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Originally Posted by dpippel View Post
if by mainstream you mean Billboard Top 40/MTV/Grammy Awards kinda packaged and shoved-down-your-throat derivitave R&B, hip-hop, rap, etc.

Yes, this is what I mean by "mainstream"
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I don't listen to mainstream music at all, but I will give it its due credit, I've used some mainstream music to influence me to listen to much better music. For example, the first metal band I ever really liked was Metallica (mainstream). After listening to Metallica for a while I wanted something heavier, and a friend introduced me to Pantera. I thought wow, this is like Metallica, but way heavier, and much more outside the box. And so I continued to look for even heavier bands, and even more technically skilled musicians. The end result, what I listen to now, sounds not a thing like Metallica. 1000x heavier and more technical, without a drop of mainstream appeal whatsoever, and without Metallica I probably would have never heard it.
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Almost none. I haven't listened to the radio at all in around 6 or 7 years. I find that there isn't anything on the radio which I like at all.

I do know what's going on in the mainstream because my girlfriend has a very different musical taste than I do, and she listens to Pop, Rock, Top 40, etc...

I do enjoy some quality Hip Hop, but none of the stuff I like would ever be played on the radio. Also, my girlfriend likes a small amount of Hip Hop, but she can't stand the Hip Hop that I listen to. She would call it "boring." I would call top 40 "engineered."

I mostly listen to Drum & bass, Breaks, IDM, House, Electro, and other Electronica. There are very few radio stations that play Electronica in the USA. It simply is not mainstream. I did once hear a station playing some House in New York City. That was cool, although I do not live there.

Before I got into Electronica I listened to Alternative Rock, Punk, Grunge, and Metal. I did listen to the radio then.

I also listen to some Classical, Jazz, and Reggae. I guess those count as a bit of mainstream, but not compared to the more popular genres.
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I stopped listening to mainstream music quite a while ago and I don´t miss it. I´ve found great new artists that make excellent songs and it has given me a sense of freedom in certain way because I don´t feel forced to listen to what a huge business makes me listen to. I listen to www.earbits.com everyday, when working, when cooking, when reading, etc and I really enjoy it. 

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I'll listen to anything if it's sincere. But most of mainstream isn't, so mostly I don't. 

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I don't like a lot of modern bands. With the exception of Adele, Mumford and Sons and Of Mice and Men I tend to listen to things that were popular decades ago. Bob Dylan was sort of mainstream and we all know how great his stuff was. I guess it's a matter of opinion. If I like something I won't feel shame for liking it. I had an ex who used to mock people for liking certain music and I told myself I'd never feel ashamed like that again, not over music anyway.

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Yes -- usually against my will.

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i see no reason not to listen to mainstream music if one likes it... most of the time i listen to downtempo/ambient electronica, but here and there i love me some D&B or some dubstep - why not?


other forms of mainstream, things like david guetta for example, i will probably never purchase and/or listen to in my own free time. but i will enjoy it if it comes up on the radio or a party.


some mainstream, however, sounds so bad ill get up and turn the music off, even if my co-workers get annoyed...

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Coldplay, Muse And Radiohead

( I dont know if Radiohead is mainstream for you ??? tongue.gif )
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Amazing..........until 2 weeks ago this thread had been dead for 6 1/2 years. Not a bad thing, just interesting.

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I haven't heard mainstream music for quite a long time ago. Since I am producing my own music through my netlabel, I prefer to listen to underground/unreleased artists and discover their hidden potential, promoting them whenever is possible. :) you can have a look at http://dubophonic.blogspot.com to listen and download for free some nice dub music, legal & free under Creative Commons!

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