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what's a pink noise?
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sticky time. I agree with pretty much every description.
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Originally Posted by iG012 View Post
what's a pink noise?
Pink noise is a mix of all frequencies, used mostly (or exclusively as I know it) to "burn in" headphones.
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Good work! well done..
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I'm glad you didn't put neutral in there. (I hate that word)

I prefer ..

Transparent - Easy to hear into the music, detailed, clear, not muddy. Wide flat frequency response, sharp time response, very low distortion and noise. A hear through quality that is akin to clarity and reveals all aspects of detail.

Like looking through a clear glass window into the music.

Good job.
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In his book "Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science" by Bob Katz, one of the legends in the recording industry, there is a frequency chart that lists terms such as nasal, boomy, boxy, fat, harsh, roomy, extended, etc. and matches them to specific frequency ranges.


The terms go back to the late 1940's if I remember correctly. I have the book and find it very useful for understanding not just how to describe sound, but how a true audio engineer goes through the process of creating a recording.

Here is the link to the chart page, which may or may not work since it's
copyrighted material:


Anyhow it's on page 43.

Highly recommended.
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As a new member I will find myself referencing to this very frequently. Now i understand all the vocab fellow head fiers are using in post-Its like i found the key to understanding(in audio terms of audio) incredible job and happy listening!
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Only just saw this, this is really good, sticky worthy IMHO!!
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OK, let's try stickying it.
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I was going to start a similar thread, but with general terms like 'Cans, IEMs, E2c, UE11's' with terms that we all use and throw around like that.

But yeah, I like this thread, helpful when posting reviews
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Woo-wee... these are really good info and learning points to much better appreciate and perhaps better common understanding of what's mentioned.

Thanks! and my vote for Sticky!
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I'd lost sight of this. If people find it useful I am happy to update. Suggestions welcome.

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This thread is fantastic,

Yes continue to update it, please.It was a very good initiative to start this.

It"s in my suscribed threads.

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I was looking for this topic too... did this just get sticky'd?
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I'm not sure when it was stickied, but I only saw it yesterday.
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