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Where is "Fart Cannon"??
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add cold
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wheres BOSE?

bose - buy other sound equipment
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I'm really glad I came across this thread! Now I can finally translate my listening experience into the right words.
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Added Roll-off (rolloff) to the list.

I will continue to look for a definition for fart cannon and cold.
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I propose that you add the term "eargasm" to the list.

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love this thread, thanks for the effort man good job there!
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Great thread.

I was just joking about "Fart Cannon."
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xx vote sticky.

I don't think a thread to explain CDP, DAC... as many other threads are directly focused on the subject. However, I made a small search and NO thread treats directly of general appreciation terms relating to sound.
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bookmarked. I've been looking for something similar to this for quite a while. Many thanks for your effort.
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Nice list,

Although the following would be cool to see added to the pile:

hot..the industry term for over mastering the production of a recording..with intense compression truncated dynamic range

PRaT (acronym for Pace Rhythm and Timing), which is an important blending of several terms in HiFi that can be commonly associated too with psycho-acoustics and headphone listening.

Linear - an expression relating to the presentation of the stereo image from the original analog signal. The term can include an organized yet smooth depiction of the sound image and with faithful relation to voice coordination, dynamic balance, handling of transients, accenting, 4/4, half-time, shuffle, and other appropriate meter functions that correspond. Much realism.
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Added Closed and Woolly.

I am having trouble finding a consistent meaning for Hot relating to music rather than recordings.

PRaT seems to relate more to the music rather than sound.

I am still trying to corroborate the term Linear.

Do others have any views on these terms relating to sound? And you agree that these terms, or others, shoudl be added, please feel free to provide a definition.

It is worth noting that while some more experienced members here might use this glossary, the primary target audience is newbies and people who have been involved for a whie and are just comeing to grips with the language of this hobby.
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Great list.

Reading through it though, it just reminds me that of course you are not really supposed to describe sound, just listen to it...
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