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Someone knowledgeable should create a similar list which explains terms like DAC, CDP, S/PDIF, IEM etc.
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Originally Posted by fordgtlover
..regarding the term shrill, I have no specific objections to adding the term, but it is worth noting that the dictionary definition of shrill is clear.
?? Which dictionary are you using? Not that it matters. I don't think there would be significant disagreement on the meaning.

Originally Posted by fordgtlover
Do others think that words should be included in this list if there is already a clear dictionary meaning relating to music or audio?
Yes, since just about all these terms are used metaphorically in ways so opaque to outsiders that we might as well include them here.

I'm tempted to invite suggestions for completely made-up words, but that would be silly.
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another vote for the sticky here!!

*sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky*
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ive been looking for this

sticky it up
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gotta bookmark this (sticky would make it easier!) as im tryin to read some of these threads on headfi. nice job
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I've been hoping for something like this. Thank you, thank you.
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Yep, nice list.
Comprehensive enough to give most a better understanding of the terminology without overwhelming them. I'd restrict new entries to only the most common terms or it'll get a bit much for the uninitiated.

Sticky candidate.
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I remember a PDF document that had all these terms in posted some time ago by jaZZ and another member.
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Thanks so much for this. It really does help.

I was actually going to suggest that someone do this. The amount of terms here really can be daunting for newcomers.
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thanks, but i prefer my own adjectives.

"the creamy sound willowmied* about my cranial theater, in an oleginious fog of rapture."

*term invented by douglas adams to describe the motions of a walking mattress.
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wao, this is so detailed which may takes me a day to finish reading it!
thanks man.
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Thread Starter 
Added the term Shrill to the list.

I agree that the list should be kept as concise as practical.
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Nice list, but it lacked the one thing I was looking for: what exactly is rolloff?
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as far as I know from recording, roll-off is the gradual diminishing presence of frequencies from a certain point up or down... as in bass roll-off it means that the bass is still present, but from a certain frequency down it is less and less present until it finally dies out completely. It is somewhere inbetween bass extension (= full presence) and bass cut-off (= no presence beyond a certain frequency)

correct me if I'm wrong though
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Vote to add rolloff and sticky this!
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