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Originally Posted by Spaceage View Post
Do they come out of Pennsylvania or Hong Kong?

(OP has a box from Hong Kong, auction says item location PA.)
from my understanding the ebay seller is a certified vendor here in the States.
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whats the twenty dollar monopoly bill for?
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group buy! how can i join?
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Looks great, let us know how it sounds.
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Originally Posted by carloskleiber View Post
group buy! how can i join?
I don't know if the Group Buy is still going...it was over the weekend. Send a PM to Soundwize and he'll give you the details. You may be able to get the seller on Ebay (Lina's Audiophile) to honor the price if the Head-Fi Group Buy is over.
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edit: ok, ok, i guess i'm not the first one to make that joke! nice looking amp you've got there!
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just got an e-mail an hour ago that my AMP is shipped says 2-3 days.
i cant wait.
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for all of you that ordered from eBay "Seller: lina8140( 47) Not a registered user"
have you confirmed it has been shipped. She's not relying to emails
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My eBay account has been hijacked!!!

Dear all, especially all who have bought from me on eBay,

I'm Lina, the account owner of lina8140 on eBay. And I'm extremely sad to tell you that my account might have been hijacked. But please rest assured that I have shipped all the amps to all of you who have placed an order with me -- some of you have already received it, and some of you will be expecting it soon.

I appreciate many of you writing great reviews here on head-fi, and giving me such wonderful feedback on eBay, and for this thread especially, thanks ActorLife!

I haven't spoken previously about the incident that some other people claimed to be the "only distributor", even though that's very unfair to me. I just wanted to keep a low profile, and let my customers speak for me. But for those who haven't known already, I'm an authorized reseller for the C&C box, and I receive the amps from the certified distributor headb.com. While my eBay account is unavailable, I encourage you to email me or the distributor for questions that you might have. (http://www.headb.com/support/) (http://www.headb.com/contact.html)

Also, the packaging that you saw in the pictures above is designed by the distributor, so if you bought from the group-buy, your packaging won’t be like that.

I've already contacted eBay about this hijacking issue, and they'll help me regain control of my account in the next 24-48 hours.

Thank a lot for you guys' support!!
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Thanks Lina!!!

This is Paul.... I just got one from you last week as well.
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thanks, that info really helps. I wasn't shure what to think at first
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Lina - It's great that you and your distributor designed a fantastic looking box for this amplifier. It really adds alot of value to it as it looks very professional compared to some other products.
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My C&C Box arrived today, from Lina posted on the 2nd Feb from HK, so very quick delivery, was just going to leave +ve feedback on eBay but obviously couldn’t, because of the account being temporally suspended. Iam very impressed, so far with this little amp.
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C & C Box

This is a wierd situation (hijacked E-bay accounts), this only adds to the legend and it make me even more intrested in receiving my amp. The reviews on this baby really sounds promising. For those that have recieved thier amp, please give us a little detail on the sound of the infamous C & C box!
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I got my silver C&C music Box from lina on Fri. It shipped from Hong Kong and got here in 4 days. It has the power to drive my 580s and it gives my SF5pros more detail in the high mids. My only issue with it is that the knobs are too close to the jacks.

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