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FWIW, I just got my dt990 '05 yesterday from b&h. They played pink noise for about 13 hours overnight and I have them on now.

I think these headphones are great. I'm coming from senn hd595 and also own a pair of grado sr225.

Compared to those two it is clearly superior in pretty much every way. Vs. the hd595 it seems to have more detail and texture and certainly more bass. Soundstage is similar. The dt990 is also very nicely built and really comfortable. A much richer, lively, exciting sound.

vs the grados the dt990 are more comfortable, have better detail and separation. Bass is maybe similar, perhaps the grado have a tad more punch but not as much detail. And I guess to put it simply since I'm not great at picking out details, the dt990 everything better. It will be hard to see which I pick to use in the long run as I really like the grado sound as well.
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Originally Posted by BushGuy View Post
Facelvega, what have you read - here, of anyone else listening to dt990/600 - JemsL did not. In fact the ONLY person at that time (in the thread you cited), who had any version of the 2005 dt990 stated he preferred that pair - none had heard the dt990/600. Still,the only person that I know of having them here, besides myself .is WMcmanus. He has said nothing about them (the only post I have seen about them (from him) was stating that he had ordered a pair of them. ..........I subsequently have read a couple of translated postings from asian forums who also do not agree with your position. I see nothing from either you or Oqvist of having any practical experience with dt990 2005 - of any ohm rating. So, you pic a review and propose it should be gospel. Do you want SQ to be paramount, or cheapness? I know folks who loved the original version and wanted nothing to do with the 2003 version, and have now returned to the dt990 fold - by buying the 2005
Yeah, I was just thinking of the normal 250 ohm version with that comment, as I think oqvist intended with his bang-for-the-buck comment. Naturally you're one of the few around here who is qualified to speak on the full-on 600 ohm Manufaktur phones, and I myself have heard the other two 2005 drivers, but not so far the elusive 600.

But really the fact that we mention "bang-for-the-buck" indicates the basic fact of the matter here, we're talking the same headphone in two generations and three iterations that definitely scale both a price and performance ladder. Regardless of how far the rungs are spaced from one another (something I expect has a lot to do with source and amping), simply for reasons of price these headphones don't really compete with one another, but each with a different set of options in its own bracket.

And by the way, I'm a bit taken aback by your attacks. As you may recall, I've very often agreed with and supported your arguments on these forums, clearly enough I hope that I need not be accused of spouting "gospel" when I say a review is interesting for this discussion, or receive a sideswipe implying that I prefer cheapness to sound quality just because in my opinion the DT990-250 is overrated.
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would a Little Dot MK III power the 600 ohm version DT 990?

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I choose the DT990 pro for it's supposedly recess midrange, I'm using HRTF software and it adds midrange...

Haven't had the chance to hear them yet, business travel, just can't wait...

According to this the pro would be very good bang for the buck...



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I have one question. Is Asus Xonar ST good enough to drive DT990 PRO? Asking for someone. He have Asus Xonar ST and want to buy DT990 PRO but we are not sure if it will be sounding good from Xonar ST. Its 250ohm version of course.


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Looking at the specs, it should do a decent job.  The 990 Pros aren't really THAT hard to drive, despite all the fuss.

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Ok good. Thank you. How does DT990 PRO perform with house, all type of electronic music?

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I've had a set of 600 ohm, DT-990 Pro's for about a dozen years now.

They've been driven by everything from an old Marantz 2010 receiver, to a newly purchased BRAVO EH6922 hybrid headphone amp.

NONE of these, have probably driven them anywhere close to their full potential, but that's MY fault for not pairing them with better amplification.

Still, they sound pretty good with the BRAVO, although I did upgrade from the stock PSU.


Have fun!


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you had your DT990 pro 600ohm'ers for 12 years ??????????????


Holy smokes, me and TheWuss bow down to you bro.

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$129 from J&R Music, back in the 20th century.

I still have the original black ear pads, on the old girl.



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Originally Posted by ElephantTLK View Post

Ok good. Thank you. How does DT990 PRO perform with house, all type of electronic music?


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They work quite well for electronic music, since you mostly want deep bass and punchy treble with electronica--makes them an excellent match.

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A noob question here are these headphones closed (noise isolating) ?

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The DT990 are fully open headphones. If you want a great sounding closed headphone, go for the DT770 (600Ohm version if possible).

Originally Posted by Djo77 View Post

A noob question here are these headphones closed (noise isolating) ?

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