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DT 990 and DT 990 Pro?

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I saw a both DT 990 and DT 990 Pro on eBay by the same seller, and the buynow for "Studio Pro edition" was much cheaper. Is there any difference between the two? I would assume "pro edition" to be more expensive though...
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Wrong! The dt990 Pro's are the 2003 version which have more recessed mid-range. The best of all are the dt990/600 (a totally different animal - which are only available thru the Beyerdynamic Manufaktur page [and require stong amping]). The next (lower-cost) step (if you cannot afford Manufaktur page and strong amp) is the dt990/250 2005. These should also be amped - but can be handled very nicely by a Corda HA-2 MkII amp. Suggest you do not go for the Pro's from 2003.
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what about the 32ohm one that ive heard about... how does that line up against the other 990s
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Yup. You want the 2005 edition DT990.
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for the DT990 '05, some head-fiers have said that theres almost no difference between the 32ohm and 250ohm version. but the 600ohm version is a completely different animal like what BushGuy has said. i have the 250ohm version and i havent heard the 32ohm version before so i can really verify that fact.

the 32ohm version should be able to run easily unamped.
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Originally Posted by mADmAN View Post
for the DT990 '05, some head-fiers have said that theres almost no difference between the 32ohm and 250ohm version. but the 600ohm version is a completely different animal like what BushGuy has said.
really? when you say completely different, how so? or do you mean 'better' to your ears?
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I think he means "inaudible difference". Anyway thanks guys, I've made my decision, I found a DT 990 for $300 CAD ($255 USD) on eBay, and I'm assuming that's a good deal. The seller has good feedback and over 10k sells, so I'm confident this isn't a scam

Btw, would a Total BitHead be able to run this headphone? It will act as temporary amp for now
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ya that's about as good as it gets. about the same from b&h. have fun with them.
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I was about to go for DT990 Pro (2003), it's half price of DT990 (2005). Is it really that much worse than 2005 edition?
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Only for audiophiles maybe. DT 990 PRO is of course better bang for the buck
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When I say the dt990/600 is a totally different animal, I assumed that statement would be sufficientlly understood to mean they are clearly supperior to other versions - which they are. These babies are world-class and the ones I use more than Darthbeyers and k340 - which I think makes them a bargain at the std Manufaktur pricing.....you can think of them as Darths that are a bit more trebly, and a bit less (and more controlled) bassy. No apparent mid recession. I use a Corda Prehead with them - but offhand, it likely that they would be even better with a P.S. Audio GCHA, or Corda Opera (both being a tad warmer) ..............and no, the 2003 Pros are NOT a better "bang for the buck", since their sound is clearly inferior to the std 2005 version. Haven't had the opportunity to listen to the 32 ohm version and do not remark upon something that have not heard personally.
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In that case, we are moving into very competitive zone where others like AKG K701 cost the same - what is the best than in 300 eur range?
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yes DT 990 PRO 130 Euro, DT 990 2005 almost the double...
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the full comparison done by JensL in this thread is interesting for this discussion-- at least some people who have had the old and new DT990 in front of them for comparison purposes have found them pretty similar. Everyone here agrees that there is a qualitative difference having do to with recessed mids and a small degree of detail and refinement, but for my ear too the difference is not so great as it seems to be for BushGuy: I'll defend oqvist's bang-for-the-buck claim.
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Facelvega, what have you read - here, of anyone else listening to dt990/600 - JemsL did not. In fact the ONLY person at that time (in the thread you cited), who had any version of the 2005 dt990 stated he preferred that pair - none had heard the dt990/600. Still,the only person that I know of having them here, besides myself .is WMcmanus. He has said nothing about them (the only post I have seen about them (from him) was stating that he had ordered a pair of them. ..........I subsequently have read a couple of translated postings from asian forums who also do not agree with your position. I see nothing from either you or Oqvist of having any practical experience with dt990 2005 - of any ohm rating. So, you pic a review and propose it should be gospel. Do you want SQ to be paramount, or cheapness? I know folks who loved the original version and wanted nothing to do with the 2003 version, and have now returned to the dt990 fold - by buying the 2005
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