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E3c vs E4c

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I love my E3's but the lack of bass is starting to wear on me. I was wondering if the E4's had some bass to them and if upgrading is worth it.
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Yes, if you do some search on the forum you will see alot of happy headfiers that went with this path. E4 have more bass and treble compare to E3 which make them sound much more lively. It is at a completely different level.
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I'd jump straight to the E500/SE530. Its worth it. Been thru the E3c's and there's no comparison. E4c's will also beat them hands down, but I prefer the SF5P's sound to the E4c's if you're dead set on stayin in that price range.
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I haven't heard the E4, but I own a the E3 and can confirm that the SF5P is quite a bit better sounding. However, in my opinion the ER4 is even better sounding than the SF.
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I own both. I don't use the E3s anymore (thinking about selling them too).

The E3s are decent, but the E4 are noticeably better. The bass is more prevalent and the highs don't roll off as much as the E3s. Overall in nearly every area some more than others obviously the E4 is superior.
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i don't like my shure e3g
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I guess E4c is the way to go. Hopefully there is enough bass.
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In almost every thread there is a post recommending the Ety ERĀ·4P/S instead.

Well, this is.

(Now is cheaper than E4!)
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Well i own the E4s and want to say that there is more bass. It really depends on how much bass you talking about. I mean, they not terribly bassey. Sometimes, i do finding myself wanting more bass out of my E4. Thats not saying its bad, its precise and tight. I do like this sound alot, compared to the flabby type. The e2 have more slamming impact bass but its flabby and uncontrolled.
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I think if your sole criteria for improvement is bass, you'll be disappointed with the E4s. I've spent a lot of time with these two phones (the E3s were my primaries for about 8 months, and the E4s were for close to a year), and I'd say that the E4s have a smidgen more bass in the lowest frequencies, but noticeably less in the higher-bass and lower-mid frequencies. I prefer the bass on the E4s, quality-wise, but again, it's not a huge huge difference. The real reason to upgrade from E3s to E4s is vocals and mid-treble, both of which are massively better on the E4s than E3s.

If you're looking for bowl-you-over bass, skip to the E500s. I'd say that, on a scale of 1 to 10, the bass of the E3s is probably a 3, the E4s is probably a 4, and the E500s is about a 9.5. Huge huge huge bass. Too much maybe.
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I agree with the above, the e4s are a little more transparent fomr of the e3s, IMHO. There was little more bass there. The UM2 or the sf5ps are hands down better IEMs if you like bass (and who doesn't).
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I will be the second to recomend ER4P's!!!!!
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