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I was sitting at home with a pair of borrowed ety 4-ps listenning to my Sony MZ-R900 and something just hit me.

I couldnt hear anything my mom was telling me from a distance away even with the music whats the solution?

I plugged in this cheap sony unidirectional mic into the players Line out/Mic combo jack and viola I was in business

All you have to do is stop your music and then hold pause button and hit the record button. The player goes into record mode and its paused and what did I hear?

I heard my mom talking to me quite well thru the etys but the sound quality was bad (cheap mic what can I do ).

The only problem I see is that the player switches off after awile if it remains inactive that mode...but thats quite long enough to hear a sort conversation.

How does this affect batt. life?
Well the batt life on the R900 is quite good so I am not worried

Now all I need it one of those tiny mics
Anyone know any good ones that can pick up voice well?