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Originally Posted by JensL View Post
It’s fairly easy to hear this on Ani DeFrancos albums, which are barely compressed at all, there’s some very nice dynamics here.
Might you say.... Beyerdynamics?
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Well.. I have this amp...in my desktop and I must say it is amazing.. Having other amps of the same quality this is without a doubt one of the best.


For example. I have test it and compared between this and my accuphase headphone output of the c 2810 ( preamp).. and is close to the sound of this ( uberexpensive ) preamp.


In my office I have a fair setup of headphones including beyer dt 990 600ohm... denon ah.a100... Sony mdssa-5000 and Beyer T1. and with all of them sound excellent, but with the sony and denon, is the best combination.


Now... which one do you recomend against the Beyer A1??



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How much? LOL

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Between usd 1000 and 2000



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I've been looking at this amp for some time. I wonder how it stands against the Headamp GS-1

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what do you think about the schiit lyr ....



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Have any HeadFiers out there tried this amp with Ultrasone Ed 8 or the Audeze if you have wondered what your thoughts and recommendations are with respect to these two headphones?

Thanks in advance:)
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Hi! What do you think about this device: "Headphone Amp Amplifier Kit Ref Beyerdynimic A1">> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Headphone-Amp-Amplifier-Kit-Ref-Beyerdynimic-A1-/260779399213?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb7a9d82d.


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don't know.



and this thread is so old lol

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