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iPod jitter/lag?

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I've noticed recently that my iPods navigation seems a bit bogged. While going into the menu/changing tracks/games etc it seems a little slow.

I've always noticed a little delay, but recently it seems to be even longer.

Could this possibly be caused if you fill the iPod with more data? I have about 5 gigs left would it help if i removed some songs?

(60GB 5G)
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well the ipods are pretty ******.. mines been acting up since i got it over a year ago. I suggest putting all your music on file, if you dont already have it. and then in the latest itunes, try restoring it.. itll erase everything thats on it and restore it to factory settings which makes it frehs. having more music on the ipod shouldnt make it slower unless you do something like press play on all your music..
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2x about restoring the Ipod.

Yeah, I think my friend who worked for Apple once told me you're suppose to restore your ipod about once a month to keep it in optimal condition. Then again both my 60g Video and 8g Nano haven't had a restore yet and work perfectly.
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