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Peace at last!

Hi Patrick,

Have you tried deep transcendental meditation? It'll offer you peace at last.
I assure you the best sound is pure silence. It offers the blackest background because the noise will finally be filtered out of your head. No mind = no mods = pure bliss! Have fun with your toys. However, all sounds, images, thoughts -- they are all products of the mind. Therefore by definition, they will never be perfect, so enjoy this very moment because that is the only reality. Ta Ta.
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MWave4 = Love

I can't be without MWave4, impossible. I tried Premier + MWave1 and every day it felt empty. But then I got used to it. After a couple weeks I subconsciously blew up the Premier and was forced to go back to P300.
When I changed to P300 + MWave4 I realized how much I had been missing, I got worse detail but synergy was better. After I modified the P300 input transformers with Nordost Vishnu and isolated the transformers with Magix I got as much detail as with Premier.

Then I wrapped my headphone cable in ERS Paper and toilet paper rolls, I got huge dynamics and clarity of low-level detail. But the dynamics were too fatiguing.

Then I got a 2nd Premier and put it between P300 and wall, it works fine. Same as my first impressions, except this time the low-level detail isn't too quiet, it's clear because of the ERS Paper around headphone cable. Using Premier + P300 gives more low-level detail than Premier on its own, plus I get the MWave4 signature for free! I'm not going to change a thing now, I'm done.
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