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IC white e4c w/ ton of extra tips

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I am checking to see if anyone wants a pair of used, but in fantastic condition white e4c's. I am only thinking of selling them because I want black ones to match my new customs, ipod, etc.

I am asking 165 CONUS shipping via Paypal.

BUT WAIT, I know 165 may be a little more than the average pair goes for, by you are getting more stuff with my pair than you would new. Let me explain:
you get everthing shown in the picture (plus the typical 1/4-->1/8'' adaptor & colume adjuster, and extra sound tubes, & zipper case):
-e4c's with black rubber ear loops (not sold with them, or listed as an accessory on, but you get 'em here)
-sealed triflanges + Extra 2 other pairs
-shure foams + extra small & large ETY foamies
-modded triflanges (both big bi-flange & small bi-flange, these are the bees' knees to some people)
-every size of soft flex + alot of extra esp. medium size
-full range of flex plus extras +modded e2 flex sleeves (small and medium)

PLUS if you already think you know what kind of shure tip you like (say small grey soft flex or shure foamies, for example) I will get you at least one brand new sealed pair of those as well

That is my offer, is anyone interested? If so please email me at cope 07 at gmail dot com

thanks for your time

P.S. Bigger, better, more specific pics available upon email request.
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Sorry, i know this isnt a discussion topic, but where did you get the plastic ear loops from? Ive never seen them before....
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I think they come stock with the e4g (not sure as I don't own them), i got mine from Shure
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***Price Lowered***
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