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Bought my BJC LC-1 RCA interconnects and a pair of HD414 pads. Very honest, good communication and speedy payment. Will deal with you again!
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Sold reds my RnB Audio Black Diamond interconnect. Great guy to deal with, prompt payment. Definitely recommended.
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Sold him a silver mini to mini. Very friendy, patient and an excellent communicator. Great doing business
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I sold Gary my HD650's and SAA Equinox cable. Fantastic buyer - paid promptly, with excellent comms all the way. Thanks!
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I traded my K701 for Gary's HD650. They arrived the next day after we had agreed upon the terms & the whole transaction went great.

Great Head-Fier.
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reds bought a pair of SA5000s from me. Great communication and very fast payment. A real pleasure to deal with, thanks .
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I bought reds' RnB Audio Black Diamond IC in a superb transaction: great comms, very friendly & lightning-fast shipping!

Trading with Gary was a real pleasure

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Bought a mini-to-mini cable from Reds, great communication, great dispatch, would definitely deal again!

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I bought Reds SA5000. Nice guy to deal with and everything went smoothly and headphones arrived FAST. Thanks!
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Bought an SAA Sennheiser Equinox cable from reds & once again it was a very pleasant, hassle free transaction. Thanks Gary.
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Sold Gary a K1000's cable I've made. Great transaction, good comms. Thanks.
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I bought Gary's Grado SR225's. Nice guy to deal with, lightning-fast shipment, great comms and very friendly.

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I sold "reds" (Gary) my Sennheiser HD25 I-II's the other day.  The payment was swift which was what i was really after and Gary kept me up to date through out the whole transaction.  I couldn't have asked for a more genuine Head-fier to sell my cans too and I'm glad they're gone to a good home.


Thanks again!



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