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Originally Posted by Wmcmanus View Post
Edition 7 = 1 (me) as far as I know. In recent times, there may be a couple more, but if so, they're pretty quiet about it (i.e., not active posters). I took them to several meets when they were brand spanking new and they sounded absolutely terrible out of the box! This led to all sorts of bad press, and I was as guilty as anyone (more so, really) because I had the opportunity to break them in and give them a real chance, but never bothered with them for the longest time. Thus, there was only 1 real data point, and never a full review by anyone who gave them a complete workout.
Superman did a numerical review of the Edition 7 vs. the O2's.
It is the only existing review, to my knowledge.

Originally Posted by Wmcmanus View Post
Edition 9 = many (or so it seems) but of course this comes after the 2500 and 750 had gained some respect (which keeps growing, by the way). The other ** very important ** factor is that the Edition 9 are half the price of the Edition 7 and yet (from all reports) essentially the same headphone in terms of sonics.
Due to the price alone compared to the Edition 7s the Edition 9s should be considered.

Originally Posted by Wmcmanus View Post
BTW, this reminds me that I need to get some thoughts out there concerning the Stax 4070. My initial impressions are that they're quite good indeed! I haven't given them much time yet, and have not compared them to anything, but "soon come" as they say in Cayman.
Wayne, do you have any more initial impressions on the Stax 4070s?
If you were to compare them to another headphone or earspeaker, which would it be? Most likely closed, yes? It's a one of a kind in terms of electrostats...look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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Synergy Alert

To resurrect this thread...
Recently I've discovered some serious synergy between the DX1000 and Rudistor RP7b. A month or 2 ago I was about to put these cans up for sale - though only to make up for some very very expensive purchases and not out of dissatisfaction with their performance. Still, it was hard to do because they're so damn enjoyable and I dragged my feet on putting up an ad. They're my embodiment of what "fun" cans should be. So luckily the JVC's hung around until the Rudistor showed up on an impulse purchase...and WHAM! I'm hearing these JVC's in a whole new light. It's still the same basic DX1000 signature I know & love with the following improvements:
* soundstage is more natural and coherent; no more weird artifical sounding "distance" is rendered on certain instruments
* PRaT is improved further, to damn near L3000 levels
* Bass is still big, brash, robust, and deep, but seems a bit better controlled

I'm kicking myself again for almost selling these. These are definitely one of my top favorite all-time headphones...and by far the most affordable of the headphones I really love
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I agree - I also think the DX1000's go really well with tubes.
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DX1000 club

Sign me up - got a pair on the way! They'll be running off tubes as well.
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Stop tempting me guys. =D
These seems to be a good candidate for my next hp purchase.
It's great that they seem to like tubes, as my RS-2 are supposed to do that as well.
So maybe I have to get a SP Extreme then... I am sorry wallet. :P
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DX-1000 in the house

DX-1000 arrived this AM. Listened briefly. Oooooo baby these are nice and smooooooth. Spacious for days.

There is a freq. resp. spike aound 600hz that needs some digital eq'ing, and there is another smaller hump down below that somewhere. The midrange hump coloration (some call it "honky") seems to be somewhat of a charatoristic of the Japanese-made headphones that I've owned and heard - AT, Stax, and now the JVC's as well. The DX-1000 might just be a keeper though since it has so much else going for it.

More later ...
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Originally Posted by billinkansas View Post
DX-1000 arrived this AM. Listened briefly. Oooooo baby these are nice and smooooooth. Spacious for days.
Cool! Glad to hear you seem to be linking them! They still don't get enough love on head-fi
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Thanks. These things just ooze musicality, slightly flawed as they may be. Euphonic, that about says it. Certainly no reference can though. I can imagine ending up with scrambled eggs if I mastered something with these.

They seem to match up really well with my old Fisher X100C amp with the Telefunken 12AX7's in the front end. The midrange just rises all around me, even with EQ'ing down the 600 hz range. Deeeeep bass and lots of sparkle in the treble. Fun cans. They are very fast becoming my favorites already.

I've had a complete set of the Beethoven symphonies played by the Hanover Band sitting in celophane for months. Time to break into it. Also, I may take a trip back to my youth with Yes's Close to the Edge. That was when I wore my hair funny - kind of like my 16 y.o. wears his now.
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DX1000 after 3 days - addiction

These are like crack. Easily the most enjoyable listening headphones I've heard to this point. After owning the K1000 and hearing the Stax SR404 recently, I'll have to say that: these compete in that arena; they are worth the high price; and I prefer them to the other two. They remind me a bit of Stax cans in some ways. Any others hear this with these too?

They are very expansive sounding, ideal for large orchestral, pipe organ, etc. Pretty highly resolved in the top end. The bottom is big but very well defined and deep. They are noticeably a little resonant /colored somewhere between 500-800 hz, maybe this is the resonant frequency of the wooden earcup, or simply an empty area inside my head. A light touch of cough cough EQ helps with this.

Oh my poor HD600's - once among my very favorites - they really have no chance against the DX1000's, except that the narrow abovementioned area of the midrange is a bit truer.
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Hmm... All this DX1000 and D5000 love is so tempting. Are any DX1000 owners going to the National Meet?
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Glad you are enjoying your DX1000. My DX1000/Singlepower PPX3 rig is one of my favorite combos I have - really great synergy.
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Originally Posted by Zoide View Post
Hmm... All this DX1000 and D5000 love is so tempting. Are any DX1000 owners going to the National Meet?
Skylab's take on the D5000 makes it sound pretty tasty as well. I'd like to hear them sometime.

I wouldn't dare go to the meet because I know exactly what would happen there, and then when I got back.

Here's an excerpt from my life as it would be:

Bill: Hi honey I'm home. By the way, this nice Omega II followed me home from the meet, can we keep it please, please??

Denise: No dammit, you've got way too many of those headphone things already. Why don't you get out and do some yard work instead of listening to music so much.

Bill: Ugh, ugh, well, I got a good price on them.

Denise: A good price? Free would have been a good price ...

And so it would go.
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Just to let you guys know, and for anyone wanting to join the DX1000 team, Audicubes has reduced their price to $799
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
This is a terrific headphone that gets very little "love" on this site. I know it's pricey, and somewhat hard to get in the US, so I wondered -- how many Head-fiers are there out there who own and love this can?

I sure do. Has probably the best bass I have ever heard from a headphone. Its very open and transparent sounding, with airy, extended treble and a crystal-clear midrange. The midrange can be just a little dry, and I like the DX1000 best with my Singlepower PPX3. But its a terrific can!

Gratuitous glamor shot of mine:

DX1000 owners unite!

Count me in, Skylab! Just received mine -- serial # 5**. It's getting the Hammond B-3 break-in treatment, specifically "McGriff's House Party", by Jimmy McGriff, with special assistance by the great Dr. Lonnie Smith on the second B-3 ( ), on Milestone records, a 24-bit recording by the legendary Rudy Van Gelder. I'll get back to you when I have an opinion.

What I can say right now, for what it's worth, is that the out-of-box experience is of the jaw-dropping kind. This is clearly a bass monster, and I'm inclined to say that it beats my comfort reference, the Denon D5000. Isolation is clearly better than the Denon. It's drop-dead gorgeous. Easily a contender for the best build quality on the current scene. The design is a little less fussy and quite a bit more sturdy-feeling than the D5000. It's really something to drool over!

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I bought a pair of these used in the FS forum and wasn't that impressed. The midrange had something going on in there I couldn't pin down but it annoyed me no end. Then my Corda Opera arrived today and it's like the DX1000s are new headphones. No problem with the mids, and the bass makes my fillings rattle. Very, very nice cans. Count me in as a proud DX1000 owner.
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