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Originally Posted by Peti View Post

Of course, if you are exclusively listen to fine classical and jazz recording you can further specialize to the HD800 or certain AT models but if you are like me, who listens different genres and not top-notch recorded music this is a great all-rounder.


I've had the HD-800 twice and I only miss them when Ilisten to well classical. The DX700 tackles admirably with it, but I know the HD-800 can do it even better.



How is the soundstage & imaging compared between this & the HD800.

Besides the clarity, the soundstage width is like the #1 selling point for the HD800.


I read over & over that the soundstage & imaging is very good for a closed can, but doesn't compare to the best open cans.


Would you say that it doesn't compare to the HD800 at all in that aspect?

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DX1000 has great soundstage for a closed can. It does not have great soundstage for an open can, because it is closed (but it still has better soundstage than some/many open headphones).

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Look, the HD-800 is arguably the headphone outthere with the biggest soundstage. When you use it with well-recorded jazz or classical it's breathtaking. When I used them for Metal or rock music it just didn't work for me though.


So I've learned the lesson that the wider soundstage and better imaging is NOT necessarily better. That being said, the DX-700 has WONDERFUL soundstage as well. Actually, when I use it with metal, I still feel the soundstage is too wide. Strange, eh?


As for the comparisons between the DX700 & DX1k: I thought they use the same headbands! There was that french guy who dissected both models, put them next to each other and took photos and wrote a whole article about it on his website. I wrote about him either in this thread or the DX700. He said that they are identical save for the different cabels and some other stuff. Can't remember exactly.


However, multiple users confirmed who compared the two models that the DX700 (the latter model) has more controlled bass and more controoled sound in general than the forerunner DX1k. Yet the DX1000 thread is 10 times more longer than the DX700. I just don't get it. People who just recently heard about the flagship JVC model will think it's the DX1k bc it's"1000" and not >>only<< "700".


I've said it many times, if you want to get the best JVC flagship it's not the DX1k...




Guess I shouldn't be saying it around here, on the DX1k thread, right? :)


The DX1k has 7N-OFC cable while the DX700 has 4N-OFC. THe jack of the DX1k is more luxurious so is the wrapping (box, etc.).


Needless to say, these are strictly MY OBSERVATIONS AND OPINION rather than hard facts. I've asked my japanese friend to write the JVC headquarters in japanese to verify these observations but they never deigned to get back to her so I can't say for sure.


I think after the DX1k the JVC folks figured they should'a make smtg cheaper by cutting costs wherever possible while keeping (and even improving) the sound of the base model DX1k.




AGAIN, these are only my observations/impressions; I'm open to other's thoughts/facts.



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A company's flagship isn't always to everyone's liking. Some people prefer the D5000 to the D7000. Some prefer the HD650 to the HD800 (me).

I'd love to hear the DX700 and might pick one up at some point.
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