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Originally Posted by milk View Post

Haha, thanks man.


Yea, I haven't got to try any movies, but they still weren't exactly what I was expecting. Maybe I was getting the audio jargon confused and was expecting something else? I can see how people can like them, they're quite denon like in many ways. Maybe not for me. I might just pass them on to someone in the states to try them. Might see a classified here soon, at least after a few last tries at these. I know I'm being really hard on the few hours but if headphones don't sound like what you want them to in a few hours, they're not for you, haha!


I'll keep you posted but for now, I'll consider the classifieds.


Enjoy! :D

Thank You for the impressions and pics!! I'm in no position to give you advices but give it some time. Like after a 100 hours let's see if your opinion will change...?

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I'm totally open to giving it more time and seeing, but I'm just not sure how confident I am. I've listened to hours of music on it and not a single song impressed me. I feel at the price, I kind of should :/


I might just go back to the HA-SZ2000s. That's a sound I love.


I'll give these some more time. I'm considering the mod on here, but I would only do reversible mods in case they don't work and I can try to get some of my investment back.



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Keep us posted either way. I have a gut feeling your opinion will change in time...

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I'm more than happy to give it a better try for the sake of this thread, and to see if you're right. I really hope you are. I want to love these haha. I'll put some more time in em!


All the best,

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Sorry gang. After some trying, I've decided they weren't exactly the sound I needed. Especially in this time of somewhat financial need. It was fun for a while and with the right setup are quite nice, but I might just aim for cheaper cans. I have the dx2000s for sale now. I might've maybe been impatient but who knows.

Thanks for the short lived but kind welcome guys! Enjoy! (:
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What a pity! Too much bass? Or what you mean by "not exactly the sound you needed"?

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I know. frown.gif very sad to have it be this way.

I love bass! I'm actually Back in the search for some ha-Sz1/2000s.

I guess I just felt that it wasn't super engaging, and the hollow mid range wasnt my thing, and the echoing would be amazing for classical and certain jazz for me, but didn't like it too much for my acoustic, hip hop or even edm.

I desperately wanted to like these. But I'm hoping someone will like them as much as you all do. I'm glad there's a small group on here that's extremely satisfied with what they have. I love seeing people get what they want in this hobby as it's been so hard for me to do so, haha.

I hope you're still enjoying yours.
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