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Sometimes I wonder why I have these headphoens. But after a while it becomes obvious. When I removed a piece of acousti lens thing got more detailed. More detailed that on t1 and akg k series. Currernt price of 900 usd might seem high. More I listen to these, more I come to think these are a true bargain for under 2000 usd. I'd love to see a comparison of thse and fostex th900 and lcd-xc...compared to those jvc's are half the price. It is ridiculous but these might in fact be some serious bang for the buck!

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I prefer the JVC DX1000 to the TH600 and Signature DJ I have and the Alpha Dog I heard. The W1000X falls well behind all 3 in a lot of ways despite being a great headphone for my female fronted music. I've been told the JVC cannot hold a candle to the FAD PH6 but I'm not sure till I try them - they'll be very very good if true.


I'm yet to hear the TH900 or XC to see how much they jump over the TH600 or others.

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Nice to hear you opinion UNIFI. Even if FAD and, TH900 and LCD-XC are better than JVC's these things still should get a legendary stature. I mean JVC's have been around for ages... It has always been obvious that these have been better headphones than prior hd 800 sennheisers, better than sony offerings (excluding qualia, and r10)...mdr-sa5000 is asewesome but not in the same league. It is beyond me why these never got the reputation these deserved. It took the rise of the orthos, new sennheiser, new beyerdynamic and such like that to get to the level. Before theat there was stax, super rare sonys, k1001...and headphones as such. All considered legend, except for JVC. There are some woody ath's too...but best of those have been limited edition   models. Since the release, until release of hd800 and T1 DX1000 has propably been the best mass production headphone. Never got the reputation it deserved...

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Over 2200 posts, a lot of people really liked them/like them.

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Its interesting isn't it, the only high end closed competitor which was a regular model was the Denons - and the JVC predated them too right? The JVC has its own similar but uniquely bassy and very euphoric sound signature, it amazes me as well it didn't take off. I cannot speak about years ago not knowing about them at the time, but was the DX1000 ever carried by stores in the US and Europe as a regular model like the D7000 + others were? The JVC must have been unknown to many as the best closed regular production model for years and years...


At its price its still a very strong competitor, in a group with TH600, TH900, Signature DJ/Pro, FAD PH6, LCDXC and Alpha Dog. Not a bad group to be part of, for whatever reason it seems like the FAD Pandora Hope is also going to be a underrated/little talked about gem that gets overlooked by many - like the DX1000 were in the past.

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In 7 years 2200 posts is not that much. Less than a post a day. Not even the most popular thread of jvc headphones. Anyway... Not that the post count is everything...or nothing. It means nothing. What I ment was that how rarely these get mentioned when people talk about the serious high end stuff. Several people have said that dx1000 has imaging only hd800 can match...It never shows in the hd800 thread's


Most people tend to agree that dx1000 is better than lcd2 but when talking about best headphones people somehow forget dx1000, and lcd2 gets mentioned. I't makes sense though. I have 15$ headphones that have more realistic presentation. JVC's are propably one of the most colored headphones around so in that sense these are easy to neglect when talking about the best headphones. If imaging, soundstage and musicality could be accurately measured maybe things would be different.


Yea...I have too sentimental relationship with these headphones to be objective. T1 and hd700 can be had for the same money so I dunno how these could be marketed...

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One of the things ill give the DX1000 as well is that it should be very much one of the first talked about when recommending a flagship for electronic music, as it is absolutely amazing at it - easily in the top handful, and thats were I'm trying to steer some folks in its direction. Not only that but for Jazz, Rock and even classical it sounds really really fantastic to my ears. I was listening to the soundtrack to Diablo 3 the other day and thinking to myself about how I will never need a T1 or HD800 because of how much I'm enjoying soundtracks with them - I know its not the same of classical orchestra in full flight, but that is the kind of music I enjoy.


I'm happy at the very least to have taken the blind chance with these, as I knew very little when I brought them. Would you believe my serial is 1366, amazing that these have still sold less than the Audio Technica W3000ANV which was limited edition headphone. :(

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Yea...compared to the ath's jvc failed on the styling imo. That is propably one of the reasons that went wrong. DX700 actually looks better. If i wanted expensive looking headphones I'd rather go for ath instead. JVC's have this kind twisted diy gone wrong look. Pads are awesome but the cups are bit...meh. My serial is 0084. Maybe lowest on head-fi? Anyone?

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0811 here. You motivated me to pull these out since i am listening to papadosio anyway, which is bassy. Don't know what the cost is now but i literally ordered them the day before the economic recession. Ordered Sunday night and Monday morning the market crashed, so i got it with a strong dollar, in the low $800. range.  What a deal! My sig pros cost almost as much used.


Funny, i had someone come in who doesn't really do headphones but does some hifi stuff, and he look up on my desk about three years back and said, "Oh My G-d a pair of DX1000's!" I pointed to my HD800s and he just waived them off and said "yeah but you have a pair of DX1000's, no comparison".

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