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Nice bump, Missed this thread first time around, It's a shame a lot of pics have gone walkabout.
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Try to get some pics up later today.

VPI SuperScoutmaster, w/signature arm
Clamp, ring, Superplatter, SDS.
Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua cartridge
Sim Audio LP5.3 phonostage
I use a pr. of 1M Audioquest Skys for phono cables.
I downgraded in price from the BAT VK-P10se and Ayre P-5xe phonostages to the much better sounding (and quieter) Sim Audio.
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Some pics of my SOTA Star Sapphire and SME 3009 Series II tonearm

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awesome old thread

Its an ITVR!
Ikea butcher's block plinth
Teres motor
VPI (original) heavy-platter
Rega tonestick.

Since that photo was taken, I have upgraded to the VPI mini-HRX feet.
In that photo I have my longhorn-moded Grado red/green cart, but have switched back to my shelter 501MK2

My old TT (a VPI scout) and my phono stage and MC SUT.
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Damn, i wish i still had my Mickey Mouse phonograph!!!!

Id get into vinyl, but the recordings take up so much room, and i have so many CDs, VHS tapes, Cassettes, and DVDs already.
How many formats can a guy have???
But the wallets tugging. Curse you Head-Fi!!! lol
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I like this photo...

And a more elaborate view perched atop an aging coffee table:

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Joining Ari (nikongod) in the DIY vinyl spinners club.

The Platter and bearing are from a VPI Aries Black Knight. The Tonearm is a Rega RB300 w/Incognito rewire, Riggle VTA & Riggle CCM. The cartridge is a Zu modded Denon DL-103. The motor is a Maxon w/BIX pod. The plinth is completely DIY, and there's a thread on it if more info is wanted. The dust cover is a custom unit. The Phono Stage is a DIY Pass Pearl built by luvdunhill. The speed controller is a DIY Kelly/Bergeron built by luvdunhill. The SUT is an Opera Consonance PM-3.

There is also a second Origin rebadged, rewired RB300 that will be fitted with the Riggle bushing for quick cartridge/tonearm changes.
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Originally Posted by swt61 View Post

Well I've read folks writing about the ritual involved in running vinyl and I believe I've now seen a shrine.
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It seems things are starting to heat up in this thread lately. Some very awesome TT's being displayed by InSides and swt61. Good stuff!
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Steve, I forgot how nice your tt turned out.

Here is my new one:

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I need to take some better pictures, but here's the Orbe.
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