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Good website to buy cheap cables?

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Hey guys I'm looking for a good website (preferably ships to Canada but not mandatory) that sells cheap but decent toslink, midi, and 1/4" cables.

I need a toslink/toslink M/M cable to connect my PS2 to a EMU 0404USB It needs to be at least 15'
This site has some good priced ones but they dont sell the midi or 1/4" cables.

I also need a midi/midi M/M cable atleast 10' to connect my $50 used keyboard to the EMU 0404USB

Finally I need a standard electric guitar to amp 1/4"-1/4" M/M cable in a standard guitar cable length.

I wish to find all three of these cables on one website to save on shipping. None have to be really expensive, I mean the keyboard is $50CDN I just need a cheap cable to do the job. Ditto for the toslink and midi.

Thanks guys.
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check out blue jeans cables, I dont know if they have everything ur looking for but they do make quality affordable cables.
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BJcables is good. Also look at pro audio shops, online such as Musicians Friend or zzounds. There are many others and most of these places sell very affordable cabling.
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Try "Cablesforless.com", I've used them for a home theater setup. Helpful, inexpensive ans fast shipping.
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Also Amazon.com
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How good is the Hosa 1/8 in. Stereo to Dual RCA Cable? The price is so cheap.
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Originally Posted by YZHI View Post
How good is the Hosa 1/8 in. Stereo to Dual RCA Cable? The price is so cheap.
I have one, and it's not bad, but its construction is cheap. It works, though.
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For the MIDI and guitar cables, it will probably be cheaper to buy locally. Optical cables tend to be overpriced in stores, so I recommend the Mitsubishi Eska POF from Blue Jeans Cable. BJC can also custom-make a guitar cable for you if you send them an e-mail, and it will cost something like $25 + $1 per additional foot (that's USD). That puts the cost roughly on par with what you'll find in a guitar store, but with higher-quality parts.
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kindkables.com is another good place to check out.
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I'll second Blue Jeans Cable. I've been using them and they're good. Great build quality; they should last forever.
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just in case it didn't have enough suppport...

here's another vote for blue jeans cables
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