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Millett Tube Portable amp

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Are you serious!!??
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Where can I buy it?
Is it a DIY, if so then I just found my first big project.
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it looks quite similar to a Little Dot Micro Tube aka LD MT.
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id like to see the LDM be powered by batteries.
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Pete is my hero. Seriously, he just rocks.
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Nate, I cannot agree more - and, Pete has additional ideas that will provide further fun for us down the road. We are just the true beneficiaries of he, Kevin, and Ti - these guys give us so much, and we all enjoy just a bit richer life.
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there have to be some internal shots.
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Any more info.. I want!
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If it's a DIY, then it'll be my first big project as well. I'll probably need alot of help since all I've done is a basic CMoy. =[ Time to start reading up and learning as much as I can before this bad boy is released. =] If it's released that is.
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Originally Posted by phergus_25 View Post
there have to be some internal shots.
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Sorry for the suspense. I'm still weighing my options. I might:

A) Decide to build them and sell them myself

B) Work a deal with an existing headphone amp manufacturer to build and sell them

C) Publish it (AudioXpress?) and maybe sell PCB's

I'm leaning towards A) but I'll let you all know in a few more days...

It was one of the most difficult designs I've done... mostly because of the power supplies, not the audio part. It's not easy to design supplies that are very, very efficient, and also sound good (or rather, don't "sound" at all!). Also not a real easy DIY project because of all the SMT stuff on the backside. For those reasons I am a little reluctant to "give it away".

The internal Lithium Ion battery powers it for more than 40 hours at the levels I listen to. I'm not quite sure how much more than 40 hours because I haven't run the battery all the way down yet. Recharge time (uses a 5V wall adapter) takes less than 2 hours.

It measures 106mm long (excluding knob) x 72mm wide x 19mm tall.

It will drive around 8V RMS into higher-Z headphones like the HD600, and ~2.5V RMS into 32 ohms. More than enough to make your ears bleed.

When... If? it is available I would expect a price of around $400.00.

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Pete it was the best portable I've ever heard bar none! I'll be saving my pennies and hoping it's not too long before it's available. It was equally great to meet you sir!
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Wow Pete... Good Luck with whatever you choose!! Your fans are eagerly awaiting your latest design

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DROOL!! Along with that sound Homer makes. Really hard to type that.
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