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I am happy to start a thread for a positive DIY Head-Fier.

Bought a PenguinAmp from Slaughter who sold it upon realizing that DIY amps are the way to go!

Nice delivery on a nice amp by PenguinAmp!

Wish Slaughter the very best in amp making, may our wallets cross again!

Thumbs up!
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positive for Slaughter

bought an assembled but not boxed SOHA from Slaughter
item as described and a smooth transaction, I'd do business with Slaughter again without a doubt.

(heh, "positive for Slaughter" reads kinda funny)
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Sold Slaughter my K81DJs--good guy to deal with--no problems here!
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Slaughter bought an SR225 from me. We met at UT Austin and tested each other's phones. Overall a great guy and a smooth transaction. Would deal with again. Thanks!
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Late feedback, but Slaughter bought my MS1s from me. Paid quickly, nice guy and a good trader.
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Purchased my MS-1's from him...excellent seller, smooth transaction, and great headphones!
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Bought HD201's off of him. He's an excellent seller! Very fast shipping, great communication and smooth transaction! No doubt a honest person.
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I bought Marshmallows from Slaughter with no problems at all.
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I sold Slaughter an Entech DAC. He was very good to work with, I would definitely recommend Slaughter.
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I bought Slaughter's K501. I highly recommened doing business with him.
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Picked up 2 Alien DAC PCBs from Slaughter. Great communication from sale to delivery. Prompt and safe shipping. Highly recommended.

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Bought a pair of Grado SR225s from Slaughter and was nothing but satisfied with the transaction. Fastest delivery I've had yet on head-fi. Loving the headphones got at too good a price to pass up.

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