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sorry i don't see the phone number.

Originally Posted by rmh1 View Post
Here is a phone number for the Beyer service in Canada. Hope it helps.


If not, try Beyer USA at:

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Sorry, see edit above.
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cool thanks
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You'll find your problem is the result of insufficient amp power. It takes a lot of volts to pump out such low tones at good volume.....then you get breakup. Everything else plays fine - until you get bass-heavy track that is that low. Find someone who has a significantly stronger amp and hook up to it - you'll find your problem will have disappeared.
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Originally Posted by keanej6 View Post
i too sent them an email earlier this week. havent' heard back from them. i thought it was stupid that they didn't post any other contacts other than emailing them through their website. i don't know where i found this, but i stumbled on their phone number: (631) 293-3200. i was going to send you the link where i found it, but i can't find it now. i remember it being under one of their pdf pages. i'm gonna give them a call tomorrow as i seem to have a similar issue with you.

how obvious your rattling? mine is very subtle though it is definitely audible. it seems to be very picky in when it rattles... some of my recordings sound flawless with these headphones... but the recordings where there is thick texturized ambient noise or really quiet bass it seems to bother me the most. i'm afraid when i send it in they're going to send it back to me saying they can't hear anything wrong with them.
my friend i couldn't have said it better myself, exact same problem.

i'll elaborate. it's only in the left driver (and the rattling originates from the bottom), it's not distortion, it's rattling, kind of sounds like something is hitting against the driver when playing bass sweeps where the driver is vibrating a lot. i don't think it could be because of insufficient power because it's not present on the right driver (no matter how loud the volume). i know what amp/source clipping sounds like, this is not it, my gv5/elpac has enough power. but i still tested it on my home theatre receiver just to be safe, and the same problem persists.

it happens on selective recordings because not all recordings use as much bass as bass sweeps. also it happens in some songs but you can't totally notice because of other sounds in the recording. so yes i notice the rattling most on bass only passages most, not on quick beats, moreso when large and deep bass passages appear with very long decay (especially where there is no other ambient sound, only bass)

thanks for the number, ill try calling the Canadian number and see what happens, they can't just say they don't hear the problem, ill tell them to play bass sweeps, easiest way.

btw bushguy, i know you have a lot of experience with beyer phones, have u ever gotten a similar rattling problem as us? or are u just speculating about the insufficient amp?
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i did some research and apparently, this is a problem with a lot of their models...(dt990 and dt770 mainly) where at high bass and moderate volume overtime the drivers start to rattle. also, my OTHER driver also just got the same problem... now i'm getting upset. i don't even listen at high volumes.

i called beyer they said it would take around 50-60 dollars for each transducer to be replaced...since i got this as a gift (brand new) from the US from a friend and i dont have the receipt...sucks

i haven't had a chance to get in touch with my friend because he's usually busy, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping he still has the online receipt.
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This problem was posted elsewhere and it prompted me, at that time, to investigate with my own equipment. It was easy to reproduce what has been reported here. I DO NOT speculate, or parrot stuff written by others. If you play a passage of a track that exhibits the problem using a lessor amp, and then play the same passage with a stronger amp - voila, the problem will disappear. It takes POWER to reproduce busy bassy or particularly deep sections - and some peeps think that since everything else is produced loudly enough for their satisfaction, then the amp is sufficient. But, when you take 'phones that have greater than average bass capability, such as dt770 or dt990, you need more for them to be all they CAN be. My little exercise was carried out using a) a Xin Supermini set at LOW gain and screened Darthbeyers, and then not wanting to bother with resetting jumpers, then with b) Corda HA-2 MkII. ...................until you hit those particular passages, you'd be very happy with the reproduction via the same Supermini at the same low gain setting. Loud is easy......difficult music is.....uh.....difficult.
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Actually, happened to mine just about all the time
Soft blow fixes it every time
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Yep! I had it a few days ago with my DT-770's. I took the pad off the cup and blew a few times. There was a tiny hair, wich I thought would not make this sound but it did. After blowing, the rattling was gone. I even didn't have to take the driver apart from the housing.
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if that's true bushguy then it makes me feel better knowing my drivers aren't faulty. i'm not sure if you're getting the same type of rattling as i am though. your solution makes sense but it doesn't explain why a few days ago only the left driver was rattling and now the right driver is too. i don't know, you could be right, and i really hope you are heh. it's rattling not distorting, that's for sure.

and to other posts...i already checked for hair/dust, none in there.
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I never said distorting. Can't you find anyone with a more powerful amp in Canada? If your problem has now been manifested on the other side - that shoots the hair theory completely out of the water.
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it's really strange, now it's pretty much gone from the right but yea the left is still rattling. and when i blow on the driver from the inside, the rattling goes down a bit, but its still there...that's weird though i opened it up and it was totally clean inside.

and canada's notorious for its weak amps

no i just don't know anyone who has a more powerful amp.
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Originally Posted by jdimitri View Post
Actually, happened to mine just about all the time
Soft blow fixes it every time
soft blow inside the driver? from the outside? explain plz
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Originally Posted by Shahrose View Post
it's really strange, now it's pretty much gone from the right but yea the left is still rattling.
This pretty much confirms that it may be a hair. Only problem, is may be a hair that's gotten all the way into the driver itself, and would be darn near impossible to remove.
Just don't go doing something foolish like putting a vacuum cleaner to the thing ^_^
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lol here i come vacuum cleaner.
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