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What to use to fasten iPod Nano to amp - velcro, rubber bands, something better? - Page 2

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Holly, here they are as promised. It's a big rough; it'll get worked out over time and improved. I already have some ideas as to how to keep the amp even more securely within the grip of the velcro straps... it involves rubber pads like what you would keep on your dash to keep your cellphone there, used in an ingenious manner.

Comparing the Clix's official measurements (2.7” x 1.8” x .6”)to what Edwood has kindly measured for the Tomahawk (2.6" x 1.8"x 0.8"), I find it a close match and subbed it in for the Toma.

So what this is, is basically if you have a silicone skin with holes for the belt clip, take the clip off and use it as a mounting point for the velcro straps. Of course, this can be done in various ways - be creative.

You'll note, Holly, that I use Headroom straps, which I find to be cooler than Sennheiser straps. Maybe that's because Tyll went all the way up to Canada to attend our teeny-weeny meet to hand them out, but YMMV.

Improved version is being worked on... it will appear soon-ish.
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I hope you post a picture of the finished product, roastpuff - it looks good so far.

I just ordered a Hornet from Ray Samuels. I also ordered some silicone wrist bands this morning. I'm going to see if they will work to attach the amp to my Nano securely. I am also going to borrow Jude's idea of using some silicone bumpers/feet between the amp and Nano to prevent the two components from rubbing against each other and wearing off paint, etc. If it all comes together as I hope, I will post a picture of my set up in the on-going "pictures of your rig" thread.

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I use a big rubber band because i can secure the wires in it for the headphones and the M3's remote.
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I placed the four rubber feets on the bottom of my Tomahawk, then lay my iPod nano on them (back to back). Strapped together with two leather bands.

Works like a treat!
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I use Scunci Poly Bands, easily found at Walgreens. I believe these are the right ones.
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took a bit of trial and error but i'm pretty happy with what i ended up with.

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Here is Nano->Sik Ram Din ->Xin Supermini IV -> modded iM716. The Nano and Supermini are held together with Scünci (size:small) Polybands - usually available in drugstores' ladies haircare area.
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There are some very good solutions listed in this thread. And now two recommendations for the Scunci bands, which I had never heard of before today. I think I'll try these as well - small width and clear so they don't take away from the looks of your rig at all. I like that!

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Originally Posted by OakIris View Post
That is a H*** of a rubber band, mrarroyo. Where did you get such a thing?

I went to Fry's (old Spec) and got a few black bands they keep by the cashier. The ones with band names or similar.
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I think these are the same thing- gel bracelet. They are like super strong rubber bands- though not quite as flexible. I found mine at Walmart- luckily I happened on a large mid aisle display as I dont often shop the teen jewelry accessories section . Mine say all sorts of stupid things on them, but the inside is blank. I think the scunci mention above is similar. I also bought a square of the that sticky leather type stuff that is supposed to hold things on your dash. I cut that into small pieces and place it between the amp and my ipod. Works very similar to the rubber feet idea, just less intrusive.

I have also used combinations of velcro, sticky velcro, and the sticky leather stuff with varying results. Home Depot has rolls of velcro straps that work very well for amps, but the inside slips unless you get creative.
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