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Blondie remasters are out........

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Got my Blondie Paralell Lines & Eat to the Beat remastered CDs the other day, 24 bit remasters, very nice sound improvement. Sold my old Blondie CDs including DCC Gold CD which is surpassed by current remasters.

Both of above mentioned CDs come with 4 bonus tracks each,
mostly live tracks including a weak cover of Bowie's "heroes"
that should have remained in archives. Older CDs "blondie"
and "plastic letters" remasters have better bonus tracks but I have most of these on recent 2 CD "platinum" collection.

Got mine new at cdconnection.com for $9.10 each, great deal.
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Better than the DCC release? Can you elaborate on that?
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Just better in every respect, recent remasters have been very successful as engineers now have the ability to really improve upon originals and also surpass gold CDs in sound quality at a fraction of the price. Blondie remasters have increased
detail, yet treble is clean and bass has much more impact/depth especially drums.

As if that wasn't good enough many remasters are sold at reduced price with additional bonus tracks, and expanded booklet
with extra photos/lyrics etc. I keep track of upcoming releases so I can sell my old copies at best possible price.

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Dark Angel, I just recieved my DCC copy of Parallel Lines and I must say that I'm happy, more or less. Like many DCC discs, it has certain qualities you will not find in other CDs, and likewise, certain other qualities are absent.

I found Sunday Girl and Heart of Glass lacking in the detail that I was looking for. The highs seem cut off, somehow. On the other hand, Deborah Harry's voice is just gorgeous on this disc.
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I only have a few gold discs (MFSL, DCC etc) as they are quite expensive and I never thought they were worth the extra cost for the amount of improvement they provided.

Now the new remasters coming out are very high quality and usually surpass the gold disc version in sound quality at reduced price, so there is even less reason to buy gold discs. If you are collector I guess some have collector value.
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Actually, I absolutely adore most of the DCC discs I have, and am blown away by Steve Hoffman's work (more later).
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