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Looking at the tubes again, one of the 4 output tubes has what i assume are burn marks on the glass. The other 3 tubes of this type do not. Could this be the problem? although I dont know a tube could make a burnign smell.
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This is making me scared. I am yet to receive mine.... Keeping close watch on how this develops.
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The amp seems to have resolved these issues. Maybe the burning was a little blob of glue or something, and the crackling has gone insofar as I can tell. Ive been on MSN with my experienced tube chum up north and he has told me to keep a close eye on the amp, which I intend to do.

Im off out this evening to no real sit down sonic testing. Im close to 3000 posts now anyway. Thatd be an apt time to bump up the old amt thread with some new info anyway.

Hope yours just goes plug and play stew.
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i didnt know they offered tinfoil as a finish option
let us know how it sounds!
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Yeah, so do I. It's not here yet, which is surprising, since yours got to Scotland since tuesday lunchtime, and mine only had to get to Bristol. Most annoying thing is that we can now only get our parcels from the front desk after 6pm, so I have HOURS to wait for it.

EDIT: Does it really look that... bling... in person?
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Duggeh I hope it sounds as lovely as it looks. It's a killer in the looks department and certainly seems to be well made from pics. I only wish I had need for one, but my speakers are active, and I can't afford to build a K1000 system right now. I'm guessing it's going to be a nice match with those Heil AMT's! Don't make us wait too long.
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That thing looks stunning. If I had a load of spare cash around I could be tempted to swing for something like that as a first tube amp ... if the reviews come back as being good of course.

Shame that all I can do is look and be envious.
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I wonder if the headphone output is decent.. Looks like a great amp aesthetically.
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Well mine arrived toady too. Yes it does look that bling in person.

Amp was well packed, plugged in the tubes (some of the pins needed a bit of a clean) but it was up playing more or less straight out of the box. Sound is pretty good - more impressions later!

Mine came with 6N1 and 6P1 tubes - is that what you guys got as well? However on trying th headphone output (which is 1/8" unusually), I get 50Hz mains hum - do you guys hear that? Its totally noticeable you won't be guessing as to whether its there or not. I'm trying to figure out if its just my amp (in which case it goes back) or something common to all of them in which case if theres an easy fix, I'll do it. Other than that the sound through the headphone jack is very nice, its just that you can hear the hum during quiet passages and undoubtedly its muddying the bass a bit.

So duggeh and stew, have you got this hum through the headphone jack?

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I get the hum through the headphoen jack and through the AMT on the speaker terminals, although any amount of volume covers it up. Im wondering if its an amp design issue or a ground loop issue.
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Mine isn't here yet, but I have an earth choke I can play with, that should eliminate ground loop, so if it's that, I should be able to tell you. Won't be until after 6pm though. Bloody gatehouse. Trying to think of a way I can claim it's urgent (like Insulin or something) so I can get it immediately.
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Well I'm pretty much convinced that this is some kind of grounding issue. Turn on your amp, headphones are dead silent at first, then a hum rises gets quite loud and then settles back to a steady volume. I took the bottom off the amp to have a look inside and heres the thing - I just can't see any rectification anywhere! Certainly the heaters are AC and are all at 6.3/6.4V, this is OK. There is a ground bus across the PCB and coupling that to earth at different spots does interfere with the hum, but it never goes away. There are 4 trim pots towards the front of the board and just touching them (with an insulated screwdriver!) makes the hum louder. Anyone any ideas?

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Still no amp today. What courier were yours sent by, Duggeh and fran? Says parcelforce 48 on the auction but nothing today, and I ordered tuesday lunchtime.

Maybe I'm getting upset for no good reason, but it's worrying.
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Originally Posted by fran View Post
Certainly the heaters are AC
Possibly the reason for the hum.

Have you got a different set of tubes to try?
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Well I'm in Ireland so it would have changed hands anyway, but mine were delivered by a co. called GLS. I ordered Sun night and it arrived thurs...

I now know about 6 people who have bought this amp most have the hum, some don't. When the hum is there it is fairly low level and it annoys people to different extents. I'm used to a dead quiet amp, others may not be and it won't worry them.

I'm awaiting further info from a expert tube forum which I will relay here - their initial comments were that the sodlering was crap and if any of them had the amp the first thng they'd do is take out the PCB and resolder all the joints.

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