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Question for Tomcat and other Beyer DT770 owners.

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I recently moved to a pretty noisy room so I think it's time I get myself a nice pair of closed phones. The Beyerdynamic DT770 look pretty good.
I was wondering if they sound good out of the headphone-jack of an integrated amp. I am planning on building a headphone-amp but don't think it will be ready anytime soon.
So, is anyone using them from a receiver or integrated amp? Are they worth it when not driven from a dedicated headphone-amp?
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they can be powered by a portable player, although they sound better with an amp (they didn't get quite loud enough for me out of my portable, but an integrated amp will have more power I'm sure). They should sound perfectly good out of your integrated until you get an amp, so don't think that if you get them you'll need to be in a rush to make the amp.

They also block a lot of noise, by the way, so they'd be a great choice. Go for it!
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haven't listened to the DT770's, but I have the 250 and as for blocking out noise they are fantastic - and incredibly comfortable (there's a reason people stick beyer velour pads onto their grados!)
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wab: Don't worry - it'll work fine out of the jack of an integrated amp or receiver - even the AKG K501 and the K240 do. Actually, I don't see the necessity of a dedicated headphone amp, anyway - and will probably soon get bashed for that remark...

Greetings from SF!

Manfred / lini
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I'd say just go for it, wab. I feel they sound amazingly good even when plugged into the headphone jack of my PC's CD drives. And, lini, they will sound even better with a single-ended triode valve headphone amp. But, I guess, lini had a feeling they might.
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Thanks, now I really want'em! I have to get some money first tho, so I will probably order them next month from Jan Meier.
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I don't know...

One of the main reasons I got an amp is because I got tired of listening out of the back of a PC.

Just thought there should be at least one voice in opposition...but then again, I have the 600 ohm version...
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is there something wrong with merely having that option, even if you choose not to use it?
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