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Comply vs new Shure foamies?

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How do they compare and how are they different?

Where can I buy the new foamies since Shure doesn't have them yet? I only have 1 more pair of yellows left and I don't want to order more. So should I just buy some Comply's?
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You answered your own question. They're not available yet. Shure rep in that macworld thread said mid-late Feb for new foams
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Yes, however quite a few people got them at CES, and they're being included in E500 boxes now, so I think it's safe to say there are people who could respond to this.

edit: To make this post a little more useful, I'll add a question to the poster's, since I'm in a similar situation. I use the grey Ety foams for my Shures, since I can't get the Shure yellows to stay in my (apparently huge) ear canals. Is there anyone else in my situation who has tried the new Shure foamies and can attest to their greatness? I'm out of fresh foam and don't really want to order new Ety sleeves if I can avoid it.
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