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What are our signs?

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Since I saw so many birthdays coming along in the new posts lately, I was wondering if there is something to be said about the people who are into head-fi, regarding astrology sign. Nothing scientific I'm looking for, just curious, because my own birthday will be coming up soon as well.


Depending on where you look, the dates might be off, so just vote your sign and dismiss any date 'errors'.
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I think your dates are off a bit. According to wikipedia, Capricorn starts on Dec 22, not the 23rd.
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Im to lazy to check and see what the dates are.
but i know Wikipedia isnt fact.
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Wikipedia is fact. Uncyclopedia is not-fact.
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I would like to inject a small little Fact you shall have to live with: Scorpio's Rule!!!

lol thanks!
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Originally Posted by Duggeh View Post
Wikipedia is fact. Uncyclopedia is not-fact.
Wikipedia is not fact. Anyone can change it and there is hardly any confirmation on the information displayed on it. There's alot of great information on it, but it's not the most reliable source there is.

I'm a Gemini. And it seems I'm loosing the race.
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Taurus in the lead. BOOYAH!
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cheers digital...duggeh puff.
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Gotta give Aries some love
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Libra here.... Oh the balance of money on head-fi.
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You guys are arguing about fact in a thread about astrology?

It is to laugh!

I voted my sign, but I put absolutely no faith in astrology.
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Originally Posted by guzziguy View Post
...Hammer time?

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Just to let you know Capricorn does start on Dec 22. I know because that is my birthday.
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