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Introducing the C&C Box Headphone Amplifier - Page 10  

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Fast Shipping..You Bet!!

Wow I receiced it today thanks for the fast shipping and the great price. Carl
Thanks Carlflow...
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Highly Recommended

Mine arrived yesterday. Very impressed with it, my music has never sounded so good, it seems to be a lot more open now playing it through the amp. Well worth the money
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Are these still for sale ?
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Hi Calaver.

Originally Posted by Manny Calavera View Post
Are these still for sale ?
Hi.We only Have One Silver C&C Box Left..
I will Pm You with Price..

With agreament with HeadB Seller we did Consider to
Let HeadB have the Sale here at Head-Fi for Xo and C&C+.
We will be introducing a Digital HeadPhone Amplifier
We consider one of the Best Amplifiers that we have
Listened To.
We will try and Introduce it here at Head-Fi.. So Stay Tuned....
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